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The Responsibilities of Nurse managers - Assignment Example

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Nursing: The Responsibilities of Nurse Managers Appraisal nurse empowerment Power tools required by nurses to accomplish their tasks in meaningful ways include resources, support, access to information and opportunity to learn and grow. Nurse managers should, therefore, offer and/or facilitate acquisition of these…
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The Responsibilities of Nurse managers
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Download file to see previous pages Nurse empowerment also minimizes chances of employee burnout, being strained by work and, experiencing feelings of frustration and failure. Empowered nurses are not only motivated but also motivate other healthcare professionals by sharing the power tools and nurse managers should encourage this. Nurse empowerment can be used to build respect and trust in the workplace. The enhanced workplace aspects positively influence the behaviors and attitudes of nurses to a great extent because empowering workplaces increase feelings of organizational respect, justice and trust in management. This also encourages positive relationships with superiors, subordinates and peers within the workplace leading to the establishment of effective alliances. Nurse managers should, therefore, ensure the administration organizational justice through fair organizational processes and making of rational decisions, interpersonal justice through treatment of individuals with respect and dignity and, informational justice through the provision of quality and timely information. Nurse empowerment also increases autonomy among nurses which encourages them to bring out their special talents and apply them to improve the ways of accomplishing tasks in the workplace. Nurse managers should encourage and allow the expression of talents among nurses. Evaluation of staff retention tactics Good pay is a nice staff retention tactic. However, employees are not just concerned with salary. Instead, they seek for continual career advancement and learning opportunities. Nurse managers should, therefore, focus on paths to nurse advancement by understanding what is important for them in terms of their professional lives, and help them design their work and learning around that. They should also develop clear career paths for each nurse and help them set career goals frequently. Organizational credibility, employee treatment and work conditions are also very critical. Nurse managers should, therefore, ensure the provision of good work conditions, treat nurses as individuals, and advocate for the fulfillment of organizational pledges to employees. The ability to adjust to an organization is important thus nurse managers should ensure a smooth on board experience to assist new nurses adjust to the organization and become productive more quickly. Judgment of the importance of communication Effective and sufficient communication in nursing is important. It facilitates timely two way delivery of information between nurses, their superiors, patients and co-workers. It also allows nurses to obtain information from the patients, give them information and act as an effective liaison between the patient and the doctor. Nurse managers should, therefore, ensure the development of and assess communication skills among all nurses to ensure nurses are competent in giving and receiving information. This encompasses spoken language, proximity, eye-contact and therapeutic relationship and spatial awareness. Nurse managers should also note the things that can cause communication breakdown and plan to counter them, for example improper shift change among nurses, lack of trust, and conflict among nurses among others. They should also create an environment of confidence. Comparing challenges in the management of generational issues Today’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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