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Title: Nursing Journal: Servant Leadership Name: Professor: Institution: Course: Date: My authority at my place of work As a medical service line director, my position grants me considerably high level powers in my institutions. I possess the authority to formulate, implement and change treatment policies and procedures for all activities of medical care…
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Nursing Journal: Servant Leadership
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Download file to see previous pages In this case, I have the power to demand full disclosure of all medical records and events for proper decision making. My position as the director for the medical service line grants me the power to advise and approve on the standards of medical equipments and viability of medical procedures (O'Brien, 2011). Last but not least, have the power to advise the board necessary actions taken to evaluate performance of employees under my authority for job review purposes. These employees include six managers, two coordinators and the two wound care nurses who I have as my direct reports. Contribution in the lives of others My greatest contribution is into lives of those I am able to influence through my job. These include nurses who I mentor and guide in helping them get acquainted to the nursing profession. I am able to encourage them through all challenges involved in the tasking work of a nurse. I also exert considerable influence on the six managers who I have as my direct reports. I help them learn principles of management in the health care industry. This makes them have a feel-at-home attitude which boosts their confidence and contentment in the workplace. As a manger in this industry, one has great impact in determining how a hospital operates. Autocratic management causes inefficiencies that could at times lead to legal consequences or catastrophic mortalities that could be avoided. I keep my door open for any consultation by any of those directly under my authority. Even though I may not be in direct contact with patient, I believe that I influence their lives positively by ensuring smooth flow of patient care services and formulation of policies which aim at final objective of ensuring optimal health quality. The efficiencies created by proper programs I formulate and supervise end up improving the quality of lives of patients hence more saved lives. This is my greatest contribution in the lives of others, I selected three people who I interacted with in my profession to assess my influence in their lives. My choice of the individuals aimed at diversified views by differentiating the respondents as per their position or relationship with the hospital. This aided in avoiding repetition likely to occur as a result of selecting people in similar positions such as 2 or 3 managers, 2 coordinators, 2 wound care nurses or more than 1 FTE. I reached at finding my contribution from one of the young managers who under my authority, one of the new nurses in practice of health care provision and one patient from one of the 5 hospitals. These three individuals are in different sectors of the hospital and therefore represent a generalized opinion on my influence on those I work with. Views of a young manager The younger from whom I enquired about my influence on fell directly under my authority. From his response, my influence on him was more so in his professional life. The young manager associated a considerably high proportion of his efficiencies in performing tasks to the lessons he learns in my leadership style. He said that from me, he has learned the importance of identifying not just one’s talent but also of those in his team. This leads to assigning of tasks to the persons who are most suited for the job. The young manager also said that I played an important role in making members of my management team feel needed and vital in all projects that we undertake together by assigning ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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