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Emerging leadership theories - Essay Example

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Servant leadership is the soul of an organization. Conscious is the basis for the leadership style and that conscious often leads to the understanding that we all have an inward sense of what is right and wrong, it is often the question of whether that voice is heard…
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Emerging leadership theories
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"Emerging leadership theories"

Download file to see previous pages However, Greenleaf believes that there must be a soul of the organization that does not change and is always there to help people with the change. This unchanging core that helps should be the core principles of the organization and should be determined by laws that are predetermined and are universal (Greenleaf & Spears, 2001).
According to Greenleaf (2001), servant leaders live by the conscience which is the inward sense of what is morally right and wrong. The difference is that other leadership styles including servant work but the one that always endures is servant. The Servant leader has learned how to respect others and yet work toward organizational goals. The vision of that leadership is often integral to the character of that person. For example, the leader may believe that "I do Servant leadership because that is who I am." (Bell & Habel, 2009). In Servant leadership one would have a basic set of values which they would always use.
In comparison, Full Range Leadership Theory (FRLT) is a rendition of the Transformational leadership style which affects the nine dimensions of leadership behavior. Transformation leadership as well as FRLT is very popular leadership styles at this time. This type of leadership is about charisma and the ability to move people forward because they want to work for you. Transformational leadership according to the literature works (Northouse, 2010), but is it as Greenleaf asks, enduring The answer to that is not really known at this time due it being a farily new style.
Ethical leadership is the ability to understand ones core values and to use them to lead and advance the common good. Thos leaders that are concerned with ethical leadership have a core value of integrity. They find who they are and then the reach out and develop a vision as to how the world could be different and then use their voice to help change it. They also lead by example using values, vision, voice and virtue (, 2010).
These three leadership styles do have some things that are alike and some that are different. Each one has a dimension of moving the organization forward by helping employees to understand "get aboard the train" where the organization needs to go and why. In all three cases, the employees want to follow these leaders so they do. Transformational or FRLT leaders have charisma which makes them well liked by the staff and therefore the staff likes to work for them. Ethical leaders are always doing what is needed for the common good so the staff feels cared for and in Servant leadership, it is all about the staff but from the perspective of a leader who has strong core values and is the stable part of any change.
A Situation
Leadership in nursing must deal with many things. It is a field of caring and sometimes in a task environment that is forgotten. That can and does happen easily when one of our own is in need. Leadership then becomes more important than ever. In this case, the nurse was diverting drugs. At first, this is a strongly ethical issue for us that are quite difficult to figure out. One must remember, however, that a Servant leader has a strong core that does not change, even ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Emerging Leadership Theories Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words.
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