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Childbirth Education Assignment - Essay Example

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Childbirth Education Assignment  Purpose: To provide students an opportunity to observe and critique a series of childbirth education classes, to increase the students’ understanding of the issues and concerns of women in the last trimester of pregnancy and to evaluate the extent to which “best evidence” is both presented in childbirth classes and available to women from other sources.  Learning Activities:  1…
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Childbirth Education Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages You can locate a childbirth class by calling your local hospital or birthing center, and by going to  2. Talk to at least one woman in the class (in person or by phone) about their perceptions of the class, and their feelings as the birth of their baby approaches. Talk to them after the birth of their baby, if possible, and have them share the story of their baby’s birth.  One of the most pinnacle points for a wife or for any female is giving child birth. Child birth is one of the most wonderful experiences that a female can ever experience in her life. Females tend to have different perceptions of child birth because of the prevalent ambiguities that are present due to social and physical factors. Majority of the women understand that childbirth is excruciating and painful. However, many women often feel that it symbolizes their womanhood and their strength. For most women, the attitudes towards childbirth seem to be a scary matter. One woman in the class discussed her fears as she stated, “Childbirth always scared me. To make matters worse, the whole idea of getting an epidural really scared me. I mean, the fact that a huge needle will be injected in my spine was really daunting. However, it was good to understand that it would have facilitated my childbirth and I was determined to use it only if I needed it. I also have bad feeling that I might have to undergo C-section. When it came to actually delivering the baby, I did not have time to take the epidural. However, the childbirth itself was painful.” Consequently, another female had a different opinion as she stated, “I had a very easy labor. The pain was bearable and I delivered without any complication. I was induced to take an epidural because everyone said it was going to be awful. I really wanted an unmedicated birth but I felt that I needed to take precautions with my first birth.” 3. Explore and find the content for pregnant women. Sign up for the week-by-week pregnancy emails and follow the Giving Birth with confidence blog. Compare what you are learning in class and observing in clinical with the content of on the website.  One of the most intriguing things that parents have to adapt is to a whole new lifestyle with a newborn. In essence, most parents have to be organized and be prepared for emergency. Moreover, most parents are unaware of the hygienic conditions that are associated with newborns. One of the key elements that adults take tend to engage in is being overprotective about their newborn. In essence, they are too quick to play “doctor” and diagnose with their baby with a mild cough. These aspects are related to the nurturing elements that are associated with parents. Another element that was associated with Giving Birth blog was the perceptions that were discussed in class and constraints that were linked to post conception. Undoubtedly it is vital that a woman will continue to have more children and her experiences with her previous childbirths shape her perceptions of reality. It is evident that most health educators take the issue of post birth very seriously and engrave these concepts in the minds of their students. Another element that was heavily discussed in class that was also prevalent in the blogs was the emotional mindset of the young mother about her physique. Post birth, many women tend to feel ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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