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In pregnant patients, does the use cabbage leaves decrease the incidence of breast engorgment as well as the application of brea - Research Paper Example

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Swift Nursing Interventions along with Adequate Patient Teaching Decrease the Incidence of Breast Engorgement at a Higher Rate than the use of Breast Binders Name Institution Course For many first time and second time mothers, the initial days of breastfeeding usually present the occurrence of breast engorgement…
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In pregnant patients, does the use cabbage leaves decrease the incidence of breast engorgment as well as the application of brea
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Extract of sample "In pregnant patients, does the use cabbage leaves decrease the incidence of breast engorgment as well as the application of brea"

Download file to see previous pages However, this paper intends to analyze the effectiveness of swift nursing interventions along adequate patient teaching in relieving engorgement compared to the use of binders. After the comparison, the paper will highlight the best alternative for relieving engorgement. Research Question The research question in this case was to analyze whether the swift action from nurses in offering support pregnant patients before and immediately after delivery can help them in handling engorgement. On the other hand, the paper will analyze the efficiency of breast binders in minimizing the pain brought about by the condition. Mothers face a lot of anxiety after birth, and often need reassurance from informed nurses that they can handle the breastfeeding experience. The action from nurses also involves highlighting the crucial breastfeeding tips to mothers. Therefore, the intervention from nurses must come along adequate patient teaching. This research seeks to examine whether both medical and non-medical support from nurses is more efficient in reducing breast engorgement in comparison to the advocated use of breast binders. The Search Process The EBSCO database proved to be a reliable source because it provides a wide range of resources. However, it was essential to customize the advanced search settings in order to get access to the most relevant range of articles. Therefore, limits for results included full text research articles, peer reviewed and from journals. Moreover, other limits included customizing the geographical setting to United States of America and limiting the search to articles dated 2007 to 2012. The search words were ‘breast engorgement’. Numerous articles addressing this issue appeared. Among these articles, five proved relevant to the issue and served as reliable sources for this search. The use of CINAHL database proved very resourceful because of the vast collection of nursing articles from renowned journals. How Engorgement Results In the first few days after birth when the baby begins to breastfeed, the milk may not flow easily. In this initial phase of the breastfeeding process, colostrum flows out to supply the baby with both nutritional and immunological components. However, its flow presents irregularities. At first, the mother may not succeed to feed the baby despite her efforts. However, with time the milk may flow to the breast in large amounts. The sudden inflow may cause the breast to swell and become tender. For many mothers, the breastfeeding experience ranging from the anxieties to the pain of engorgement may prove unbearable. Strong (2011) highlights that the pain of engorgement may extend for the initial six days under normal cases, but pain occurring beyond the first week of breastfeeding has other causes. A pregnant patient will require this knowledge prior to delivery. Critical understanding of the causes and remedies of engorgement is an important aspect to each pregnant patient. The pregnant patient requires relevant information concerning the implications of both natural birth and caesarian option concerning engorgement. Nurse Interventions and Adequate Patient Teaching According to Martucci (2012), the entire procedure of initiating breastfeeding can be a lot easier if nurses present the mothers with relevant informat ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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In Pregnant Patients, Does the Use Cabbage Leaves Decrease the Research Paper.
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