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Management of Adult or Child with Special Health Needs - Case Study Example

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Instructor: Special Health Needs Management Evidently, researchers have constantly argued about the management of an adult or child with special needs can be largely be interpreted with communication difficulties as well as mental health…
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Management of Adult or Child with Special Health Needs
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Download file to see previous pages This paper focuses on understanding management of a child or an adult with special health needs, this will be achieved by analyzing history taken from patient, finding on examination and findings, outline the various patients’ health needs as well as various action taken to overcome matter related to this effect including communication with other agencies and team members. The designed case study will incorporate critical discussion of relevant ethical, legal and professional issues. According to Andre and Velasquez (2010) adults and children with special health needs are a diverse group. They tend to experience health conditions ranging from body pains, hypertension and other physical disorders. Katy (2002) maintains that, among pregnant women level of special need may vary from abdominal pains which are considered normal during pregnancy to lower abdominal pains which are very risky especially in late pregnancy. Clearly, the intensity and type of services required to treat this ranges from prescribed medicine and regulated exercise (Oredugba and Akindayomi, 2008). Adding to this diversity in cases related to special needs, it is important to connect special health need individual management with relevant ethical, legal and professional issues so as to create a practical example of what take place in that given situation (Katy, 2002). Lower abdominal pain is widely generated from an organ within any organ situated within the stomach area. For instance, these pains can highly originate from colon, liver, small intestines, pancreases, gall bladder and spleen which can produce painful sensations which may vary largely in intensity which can be felt in the lower stomach especially in pregnant women (Christopher and Volpe, 2007). Researchers indicate that whether the pain is restricted to a specific area or those which are localized; it is quite general that it can be a sign of a certain underlying root cause (Herzer, Goebel and Cortina, 2010). The paper encompasses a lady who is suffering from lower abdominal pain and who is thirty weeks pregnant with her first child. This lady was identified by her midwife to have abdominal pains which complicated her pregnancy. The midwives attributed that this problem could be as a result of misuse of substance as well as experiencing mental related problems (Shapland, 2006). Although having abdominal pains during pregnancy is a normal experience having lower abdominal pains can be risky and one that requires a lot of attention especially to women having special needs (Christopher and Volpe, 2007). June and Alexandra (2006) maintain that preventing of lower abdominal pain for a lady with special need requires a proper attention. It is important for this lady to be given food whose dietary will assists in treating irritable bowel in connection to managing stress. Christopher and Volpe (2007) maintain that, here are various ways that lower abdominal pains can be diagnosed and be treated in this woman. There are chances that lower abdominal pains during labor in this woman can either result to miscarriage or the miscarriage can be prevented through giving tentative care if the woman health is not put in question (June and Alexandra 2006). Firstly, it is important for health practitioners to carefully observe the pain area, it duration and intensity as well as other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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