A Study of Using the Central Line Prevention Bundle for Reducing the Risk of Infections for Patients in the Intensive Care Ward - Research Paper Example

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  A study of using the central line prevention bundle for reducing the risk of infections for patients in the intensive care ward               In recent times, many medical facilities make constant efforts of making sure that their patients are safe, secure, comfortable and accommodated…
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A Study of Using the Central Line Prevention Bundle for Reducing the Risk of Infections for Patients in the Intensive Care Ward
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Extract of sample "A Study of Using the Central Line Prevention Bundle for Reducing the Risk of Infections for Patients in the Intensive Care Ward"

Download file to see previous pages These hospitals not only keep their facilities and equipment clean and sterile but they also follow certain procedures or protocol that ensures that there are no further complications or infections for the patient.             One such infection-control procedure or protocol is the Central line bundle. This particular protocol was created in order to help prevent or control central-line infections in the intensive care unit. According to an article by nursezone.com “central lines” are the catheters inserted into major veins and are used to deliver medication or to replenish body fluids. These are great life support mechanisms; however the article also states that they “are also dangerous infection risks, responsible for as many as 28,000 deaths each year”. This figure is quite alarming, and this is also the same reason why this paper was created. It is meant to review the Central line bundle protocol and through medical data as well as articles, this paper will attempt to determine just how effective the Central line bundle is in terms of preventing infections for patients in the intensive care ward. This paper will use the PICO(T) method in trying to asses the Central line bundle’s effectiveness in preventing infections. ...
Any death on its own has a very alarming effect, but even more so for those deaths that come from the very equipment that were expected to help the patient out in the first place. It now becomes hard to imagine that the very thing that was meant to help alleviate your struggle could potentially cost you more than you bargained for.  This is why the process of making sure that the central line bundle is effective at preventing these types of issues and effective at controlling central-line infections. These steps that have been developed in order to control these types of issues may be the difference between life and death for most patients. This paper’s significance comes in its assessment of the protocol and its conclusion of weather it really is effective or if not doing the protocol will provide the same results. According to the same article by nursezone.com, this protocol is one result of some efforts to reduce central-line infections in the intensive care ward, as well as an effort to save 100,000 lives in American hospitals. This paper’s main purpose is to validate if the protocol is effective and in effect, also attempts to validate the efforts made towards saving 100,000 lives in American hospitals. This is one of the main driving forces behind the paper as well as to provide a positive image on the procedures ad effectiveness of hospitals and other intensive care facilities. This is because as we may already know, there are many negative connotations regarding confinement in a medical facility and if the protocol is assessed to be effective, this will shed a positive note on the protocols of medical institutions, as well as remove any negative connotations regarding these types of equipments or procedures. This is very significant to patient outcomes ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Study of Using the Central Line Prevention Bundle for Reducing the Research Paper)
A Study of Using the Central Line Prevention Bundle for Reducing the Research Paper. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1436032-picot-question-for-patients-in-the-intensive-care.
“A Study of Using the Central Line Prevention Bundle for Reducing the Research Paper”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1436032-picot-question-for-patients-in-the-intensive-care.
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