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Concept analysis of anxiety Name: Course: Professor: Date: Introduction This paper is a complete analysis of anxiety as a concept in nursing. This report would briefly define some of the concepts related to the anxiety. This would be followed by brief description of the occurrence of anxiety in three different case studies…
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Concept Analysis Paper Anxiety
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Download file to see previous pages In other words, the paper would provide basis for research and management of anxiety related disorders and at the same time acting as an educational tool in the nursing field (Bouras & Holt, 2007). The purpose of this analysis was to demystify anxiety as a clinical condition. It will give a several insight into various features of the concept and examine the different consequences of this condition on patients. Anxiety and other related conditions are some of the most common mental reasons for seeking medical help today. A recent study statistics indicated that 25% of the global population have exhibited signs of anxiety. This therefore is a serious worrying trend for nursing practitioners and medical profession in general as it signifies serious medical health problem. Consequently, the need for concept analysis in anxiety would act as an important tool through which nurses can enhance their management skills as far as anxiety is concerned (Hayes and Strosahl, 2004) Definition of concept In common usage anxiety is a defense mechanism that triggers in the mind. This state when blown out of proportion can result to a serious psychological problem. It can also be defined as thoughts or worrying about the future events which can either be good or bad, meaning that a person who is worried about is future can suffer from anxiety. In nursing usage anxiety is defined as a combination of several biochemical changes in the body, the patient’s memory, social situation and personal history. It is difficult to concretely describe this condition as it as many causes and degrees of intensity. Sometimes doctors describe it as emotion or an affect depending on the person describing it, whether it’s an outside observer (affect) or the person having it (emotion) (Ohman, 2000). Defining characteristics Anxiety can present itself in many ways. some forms of anxiety expressed themselves mildly, whereas others severely. This form depends on the stage of development. Mild anxiety occurs when the condition is still in its infantry stages. In most cases, the severe anxiety occurs when the anxiety is not managed during its early stages of development. The characteristics exhibited by mild anxiety are distinct from those exhibited by severe anxiety. Mild anxiety, for instance expresses in form of panic attack. The person is mostly likely to show mild signs as perspiration, and chills (Twamas and Bangi, 2003) In some cases, a patient may experience symptoms such as obsessive compulsive disorder. Such conditions imply that the condition is in middle stages of progression. For those with post-traumatic stress as a form of anxiety then it’s characterized by lack of sleep (Barlow, 2002). Late stages of anxiety disorder differ depending on the type of anxiety the patient suffers from. Patients with panic disorder then late stages are characterized by behavioral and cognitive traits. In this stage the patient may dread death or go crazy. Those who have phobia may also express certain strange characteristics at the late stage e.g. stop doing any activity at all. (Craske and Barlow, 2003). Additionally, it worth noting that cases of anxiety can present in different forms. There are model cases, contrary cases and the borderline cases. Model case of anxiety is a case where the patient depicts most of the general features associated with anxiety. Borderline case of anxiety is a product of neurological and psychological disturbances. The term ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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