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Evidence Based Nursing Name of the Institution Evidence Based Nursing Question 1a With the focus of the survey being on all mothers of the hospitalized children, with the ages between one to twelve years, the subjects of this study are the hospitalized children and their mothers…
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Evidence Based Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the nurses seek to undertake a self completed survey, which implies that the mothers will only be questioned and the nurses will document the results of the survey in wait for the final findings. This raises the ethics components since, the nurse is exposed to becoming judgmental on their subjects given the scope of the research. Question 1b In order to protect the human subjects’ rights of this study population, the IRB must assess various components including the right to self-determination. In this regard, the IRB must assess whether the employers of the nurses clearly and in articulate writing, informed the nurses about whether the participation in this particular research in a condition for employment and thereby expose any relevant risks associated with the study. As such the IRB must analyze the risks to benefit ratio of the study and document whether the eminent risks and/or benefits are clearly described. Further, with the minimal risk guidance level, the IRB must prove whether the prevailing risks are greater than the minimal risk and the available measure of mitigating the risks. Additionally, the IRB must assess the subjects’ vulnerability in the study and how the researchers have handled the informed consent component. This will involve the IRB in investigating whether the nurses’ selection of the subjects is appropriate and whether the burden of participation is likely to fall on those who will actually benefit from the findings of the research. In this regard, the IRB might question the hospitalized mothers’ involvement in the survey while the focus of the survey is to address child abuse. It is imperative that abuse to children involve parents subjecting their children to unlawful conditions and/or treatment. Therefore the involvement of the parents in the survey will instantly raise the question of subjects’ vulnerability. The other components that IRB will have to assess in this study includes whether the subjects are given incentives, issues to do with extra safeguards and privacy and confidentiality components of the survey (Beyae & Slattery, 2006). Question 1c The unique ethical concerns of this study could stem from the fact that nurses are obliged to observe confidentiality and privacy in serving the interest of their clients, however, the study seeks to expose the nurses to violate that obligation. When the nurses will question the mothers of hospitalized children within the given age bracket and record the results as sources for the survey, then the privacy of the clients will be violated. Question 1d As a prerequisite condition for allowing the study, the IRB member will seek clarification on the underlying components of study including the specific ways that the nurses have planned to address the eminent ethical issues concerning the privacy and the right to informed consent so as to ensure that the survey achieves the stated objectives without subjecting the study subject’s, who could be vulnerable to undue pressure as the IRB provisions demand. Question 1e As a matter of principle, the nurses will conduct the survey within the scope of the IRB provisions and thus remain vigilant in ensuring informed consent and privacy and confidentiality of the subjects are adhered to. In this regard, the nurses will remain advocates of the subjects in the sense that they will make sure the subjects’ confidentiality since they will apply procedures that are in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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“Evidence Based Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/nursing/1433507-evidence-based-nursing.
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