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This essay focuses on the analysis of the evidence-based practice and the significance of this approach, that is a crucial process in today’s nursing programs given the numerous advantages that it harbors not only for the patient but the nurse involved…
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Evidence-Based Nursing and Research in Global Health Care
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Download file to see previous pages The essay dwells on expounding on the importance of this practice from different quarters and provide some evidence of how this may be put into use for the benefit of the clients. It is imperative that nurses embrace evidence-based practice in their work. This allows for every individual to be conscientious, explicit and judicious in the use of what they can get on the case they are handling from the past and the present to make decisions. This will allow them to integrate individual clinical and educational skills with the very best available external clinical evidence. Evidence-based practice opens up the decision-making process, allows for wider consultations and provides precise treatment for the patients to utilize. It will also enable the nurses to include their opinions, scientific proof and patient perspectives to provide high-quality services to reflect the interests of not only the clinicians but of their clients as well. As such, the use of this evidence-based practice (EBP) will also allow each nurse to incorporate different views into the diagnosis, thus, offering a wider array of options through which the client can successfully attain better health if they follow the advices given. The report looks at the significance of this approach and personal views regarding the same. Part A will deal with personal views on why the nurses need to use EBP in their everyday prognosis. Part B will discuss the significance of having research methods as part of a nurse’s training and its benefits to the nurse. ...
Nurses who have embraced this type of practice always find it easy to deal with the patients since they are already aware of the prejudices that may impede communication between them (Huang, Hepburn and Espiritu, 2003). therefore, nurses find it easier to deal with different patients within different scenarios since they are already prepared following their extensive reading and research habits. As a result, each treatment session brings out new methods, symptoms and learning opportunities that the nurse could have only heard about from the research. However, putting this into practice allows the nurse to confidently reproduce the best results that are already researched upon from the past studies and testing (Penz and Bassendowski, 2006). EBP is important in improving the patient outcome since the clinician has already attained better skills, techniques and strategies that may have been lacking before. As a result, practitioners interact and exchange ideas that in broader context, allows for the core components of the larger intervention to be carried out (Huang, Hepburn and Espiritu, 2003). Consequently, it is important that nurses embrace this as a way of gaining the upper hand in ensuring that their patients achieve the best. Patients will also gain confidence in the health system and prefer them for their treatment rather than engage in over-the-counter medications. It will also improve the nurse's ability to select an intervention and evaluate their performance based on past and present research methods that have been certified by medical practitioners elsewhere (Penz and Bassendowski, 2006). Part B Nurses need to embrace this method in their practice. EBP offers a chance for each nurse to understand what past ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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