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This research paper talks about the appropriate evidence-based nursing approaches and whether belief in the existence of some spiritual forces can dictate a conduct of nurses in the course of discharging their duties. This paper establishes the role of spiritual belief in the performance of nurses…
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Identifying a Researchable Problem: Evidence-Based Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages The research paper "Identifying a Researchable Problem: Evidence-Based Nursing" talks about the appropriate evidence-based nursing approaches and if the belief in the existence of some spiritual forces can dictate the conduct of nurses in the course of discharging their duties. The nursing profession has been marred with some inadequacies which result from some omission and commission. The level of interaction that the nurses have with the patients is very tricky since it requires free socialization blended with a formal approach. Clients tend to expect a lot from the nurses since the common denominator and the point of focus is always acquisition of medication and subsequent recovery from a given illness. Care of patients is a noble responsibility that must come with some level of discipline and personal sacrifice and this goes beyond the medical professional training that they get in school. In respect of this, it is imperative that spiritualism is adopted by nurses as this will contribute to regulated health care practices among the nurses. Internal motivation is the essence of any person and whatever people do is simply a manifestation of what goes on in the mind. It is therefore worth noting the influence of spiritualism in the performance of nurses. The contemporary society is undergoing a rapid transformation in terms of the social structure accompanied by economic and political policies. This emerging trend is coincidentally coming in with increased health related problems which require the attention of nurses....
The issue is the mode of internal mechanism that can be exploited to achieve such a tremendous health care service delivery by the assigned health officers. It is in this regard that the role of spiritualism as a motivational factor is to be studied so that the extent of its efficiency can establish (Barnum, 2003). In other words, the question as to whether belief in the existence of some spiritual forces can dictate the conduct of nurses in the course of discharging their duties. Aim of study The cardinal objective of this research is to go establish the role of spiritual belief in the performance of nurses. Patients need to be encouraged albeit some of them having repelling characters with the endpoint of achieving full recovery. Interacting with this group of people is therefore tricky and therefore calls for rare humility that can only be borne by spiritualism. Research questions The questions that are to be generated in this problem are to be answered through testing of hypothesis that will be in line with the statement of the problem (Macgowan,2008). Is mere professional training enough to keep the nurses performing Does the patients/clients expect cordial approach as they interact with nurses Does the spiritual belief influence the level of performance of the nurses Does the nurses profess any spiritual belief in their personal lives What is the percentage of the role of spiritualism in the final healing of the patients Variables of study To answer the questions formulated it is important to note that the appropriate variables for this investigation should be nurses, clients and psychologists. The sample need to be divided into two line of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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