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Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing - Research Paper Example

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Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing Name of of University Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing Evidenced-based practices are important in any level of nursing but in primary care nursing is particularly important (De Pedro-Gomez, 2012). The purpose of this type of practice is to show that research creates a baseline of knowledge for the nurse who is pursuing the care of any patient or set of patients…
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Evidence-Based Practices in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages Also, a primary care nurse is often the first person to working with clients who are dying, increasing the safety of patients, increasing patient outcomes and their overall experience in healthcare. In this paper, it is the intent of the student to show how evidence-based practice in primary care nursing correlates with the steps in the nursing practice for Neonatal Care (NICU) using the total patient care model. Care Delivery Model The team care delivery model seems to be the most relevant model for working in the Neonatal ICU to insure patient safety. When infants are in the intensive care unit they have different needs than infants who are in a regular nursery. In order to make sure that infants, parents, and family needs are met while the infant is in the ICU, a team provides around the clock care for each infant. According to our textbook, the RN is in charge of planning and providing the tasks to the other team members as to what is needed for each infant. The RN creates a collaborative environment with all of the team members and is responsible for scheduling each member of the team. As a primary care nurse, being a part of the team is essential because the primary care nurse is the first one to see the infants in the ICU on a daily basis. Working as part of a team makes sure that the infants are cared for during breaks, lunches, and other situations that may come up for individual nurses. How Steps in Nursing Process Relate to Evidence-Based Process (A) Assessment The assessment area for evidence-base nursing in the literature is largely based on assessing the overall NICU programs. In some of the literature, it is shown that nurses are not always knowledgeable about evidence-based practice which may inhibit their ability to use certain interventions (Smith, Donze, Cole, Johnston, & Giebe , 2009). Using evidence-based practices has been shown to increase the level of care for patients by about 30% (Smith, Donze, Cole, Johnston, & Giebe , 2009). Allen and Chubb (2010) add that using evidence-based assessment can help to redirect the needs of a Neonatal unit to improve care on every level. Russ, Dougherty, and Jagadish (2010) state that evidence-base practice can help nurses narrow the knowledge gap when they are working in the NICU which enhances their ability to o their jobs. (D) (Nursing) Diagnosis In diagnosis, evidence-based nursing provides an understanding of the interventions that have been used to assist in many conditions. D’Agostino (2010) suggests that the literature provides many cases of information about premature babies and how to diagnose their problems. The process of diagnosis was discovered through a series of evidence-based articles in electronic journals. The research provided a concrete foundation for working with premature babies and it provided the information that the nurses needed to proceed with a specific process. This is one of the roles that evidence-based processes have in diagnosis. Another role of evidence-based nursing is to provide the opportunity for nurses to discern the difference between quality studies and those that re not of good quality. As an example, Stapelkamp, Carter, Gordon and Watts (2011) studied the research on children and acute pain. They found that there were several articles that were not as good as others when ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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