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Clinical Nursing Research: a Comprehensive Analysis - Essay Example

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Clinical Nursing Research – A Comprehensive Analysis (Add (Add (Add Date) Clinical Nursing Research – A Comprehensive Analysis Advancement in medical sciences and related elements of healthcare endeavors look for the personnel armory of potential staff with academic excellence in various fields of nursing…
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Clinical Nursing Research: a Comprehensive Analysis
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Extract of sample "Clinical Nursing Research: a Comprehensive Analysis"

Download file to see previous pages Clinical nursing research is aimed at studying different cases of patients in the clinical setting with a view to obtain and develop information essential for guiding improved levels of patient care in the hospital. Since the research is composite exploration of data necessary for the overall condition of the patient, it is necessary to see that ethical concerns of the case analysis is maintained while the process is carried out by the research team. Objectives of the research The term ‘Clinical Nursing Research’ can be defined as a systematic approach used by the research team in order to examine the phenomena which are important to nurses and to the profession of nursing as a whole. Ass Webb (2008,p. 604) points out, clinical nursing research is fundamentally designed for the investigation of cases to generate evidences with a purpose to provide quality and cost effective nursing care for the patients. The contemporary styles of nursing research to find out the personally differentiated approach of the nurses involving theoretical teachings were renewed by the developmental processes initiated after 1970s. Introduction of computerized data analysis during 1980s paved way for the reformation of nursing profession as superior career among students. Nursing profession requires technical as well as scientific perfection for the effective delivery of proficiency and skills for improved patient care. As the nurses are introduced to the research, they are facilitated by the chances of experiencing practical situations of clinical conditions of the patients as well as their treatment procedures outside the theories learned in the academic designs. This exposure to actual case analysis guides their efficiency to access to a changing condition based on the treatment requirements and clinical settings of the organization. In the modern trend of healthcare sciences, the involvement of clinical nursing research is highly emphasized as it enables the nursing professional to be capable of improved levels of nursing practice. Evidence based practice (EBP) Clinical decisions regarding the hospitalization and treatment of the patients are largely taken on the basis of the research findings that stand as evidences of the requirement and status for higher level of authenticity of the nursing procedure. Evidence based practice (EBP) can be defined as the process of systematically finding, appraising, and using research finds as a basis for making decision about patient care (Webb, 2008, p. 604). With the introduction of internet and other tools of data transfer and research orientation, EBP has been viewed as a centralized mechanism to govern all the activities associated with patient care. EBP has effectively formulated regulations to ensure the use of knowledge in the practical nursing interventions. Induction of Evidence-Based Practice in health care science has eventually helped the nursing professionals to overcome the professional and ethical barriers in providing absolute attentiveness to patient woes. Advancement of EBP has initiated clear-cut devices for clinical management with facilities required for enterprising individualized care units within clinics along with a monitoring system for the analysis and feedback of the improvement of patient care status. The two key roles of nursing practices under the EBP are the Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and the Clinical Nursing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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