Systematic Review of on Prepubescent Sexual Activity and Subsequent Abnormal PAP Smears (CIN cells) - Research Paper Example

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Running head: DRUG AND ALCOHOL ABUSE AND DEPRESSION Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Depression (name) (school) Drug and Alcohol Abuse and Depression Introduction The nursing and midwifery practice is a rich and dynamic practice which includes various applications of theories and skills…
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Systematic Review of Research on Prepubescent Sexual Activity and Subsequent Abnormal PAP Smears (CIN cells)
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Download file to see previous pages It shall first present a description of the current practice in the clinical unit, including its related policies, procedures, guidelines, reporting mechanisms, and the literature underpinning its practice. Then a comprehensive overview of a systematic review of a study related to drugs and alcohol and their relation to depression shall be presented. Two appraisal guidelines which can be used to appraise the systematic review shall be critically discussed. Similarities and differences between these guidelines shall be included. Finally, based on evidence discussed in the systematic review, advice and recommendations in my area of practice shall be forwarded. These recommendations shall be explained in relation to relevant literature. This study is being undertaken in order to establish a critical and comprehensive assessment of the current subject matter and nursing/midwifery practice. Body Brief description of unit The current practice in my clinical unit as a nurse is on dealing with alcohol and drug abuse patients who have a history of prepubescent sexual abuse. We routinely carry out PAP smears on these patients and find many of them to be positive for precancerous CIN cells. Many of them are also found to be depressed. Nurses who are working in units with alcohol and drug patients are involved with patients who usually have had a history of using drug and alcohol abuse. Patients in this unit are those who have used tobacco, alcohol, prescribed drugs, illicit drugs, amphetamines and cannabis, and a combination of drugs and alcohol. Nurses are the most numerous members of the health care profession and are often the ones who spend the most time with the patients. As such, they have to be equipped with the skills and the expertise in order to guide their patients towards full recovery. Working with drug and alcohol patients is a role of the advanced nurse practitioner. Advanced nurse practitioners are registered nurses who are educated and authorized to perform duties autonomously and in coordination with other nurses in the advanced clinical setting (Ling, 2007). It includes the process of assessment and management of clients using skills and knowledge which may include the direct referral of patients to other health professionals, prescribing medications, and ordering further diagnostic tests (Ling, 2007). In the clinical setting where I work, we usually receive drug and alcohol patients. Upon meeting them, an overall initial assessment is carried out on these patients, including an assessment of the way they talk, the way they talk, their mannerisms, their physical demeanor, and similar qualities. An interview would then follow with the end goal of gathering as much information as possible about the patient’s history, as well as their living conditions, their eating, alcohol, drug, and possibly other habits impacting on their health. This assessment process would determine the next steps for the nurse and the patient – whether more diagnostic tests need to be undertaken, whether there is a need to refer the patient to a therapist, and whether or not the patient needs to be assessed for depression. Since this unit is involved in carrying out PAP smears, the PAP smear shall be scheduled for the patient after proper consent forms are signed and filled up. As an advanced practice nurse in the clinical unit, the role as counselor also sets in, especially if these patients are also depressed. The ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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