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Substance abuse term - Essay Example

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The term substance abuse can be defined as an excessive use of addictive substances. Due to its misuse, the functioning of ones body and mind can alter resulting in adverse social consequences, such as failure to meet work, family, or school obligations, interpersonal conflicts, or legal problems…
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Substance abuse term

Download file to see previous pages... It is not clear why some people develop alcohol use problems and others do not, although there is a strong genetic link. Initially, alcohol is often used to soothe pain or hide insecurities. Over time, abuse and dependence can develop. Many people often fail to understand the difference between alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence. Alcohol abuse occurs when you repeatedly drink alcohol even though it causes significant problems in your life. Abuse disrupts your relationships, causes you to miss work (often due to hangovers), and neglect personal and work obligations. It can lead to legal problems, such as being arrested for disorderly conduct or drinking while driving. You don't have to drink daily or drink large amounts of alcohol to have an abuse problem. Whereas if alcohol abuse continues, it can lead to dependence - a physical and emotional addiction to alcohol. You may not be able to quit drinking on your own, even when you want to. With dependence, you feel compelled to drink, and it dominates your life. You may plan your activities around alcohol and may drink secretly or hide the amount that you drink. Over time, it will take larger amounts of alcohol before you feel its effects. You may get irritable, start to vomit, sweat and shake when you are unable to drink or try to quit on your own.
Alcohol Alcohol abuse can be present if these symptoms exist: One of the early signs of an alcohol problem is having blackouts-periods of time where you were awake but do not remember what occurred while you were drinking. For example, you are injured while drinking but don't remember how it happened. Having unexplained injuries related to alcohol use or continue to drink despite the problems it causes. The person may also become physically aggressive when intoxicated. Many people who abuse alcohol deny they have a problem and consider themselves "social drinkers" because they do not drink every day. Alcohol abuse can develop in a short time or gradually over your lifetime. In the beginning, your drinking may not appear to be any different from the way other people drink. Some people drink only occasionally but drink a lot (binge drinkers), which can lead to alcohol abuse. Over time, your drinking may become a way for you to feel normal or to cope with life's problems.
There are certain risk factors which increase the chance of alcohol abuse. Having a family history - this includes a genetic link - and exposure to alcohol at a place where the person grows up. Using alcohol at an early age proves to be dangerous because the earlier the exposure, the higher the risk of developing alcohol use problems as an adult. Using or abusing other substances such as nicotine, illegal drugs, or prescription medications may also increase abuse of alcohol.

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Substance Abuse Related Disorders
These drugs affect the behavior, emotions and normal thought process of people. The initial effects of these drugs used by people are soothing and calming, which are the main attraction for the abusers, however, consequently they lead to substance-related disorders (Duran & Barlow 2010).
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Substance Abuse/Substance Dependence
However, as the problem has ballooned in Western society, and arguably the world over, so have the substances that are the vehicle towards addiction. Because of the breadth of the topic, this essay will focus on the systemic effects that substance abuse is having on the economy and society of the United States.
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Substance Abuse
Drugs refer to substances that affect both the mind through the central nervous system, and bodily functions. Psychoactive substances have their effects concentrated in the central nervous system to alter mood, consciousness, perception and behavior in an individual.
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Substance Abuse Policies on Workplace
Highly trained and skilled workers are valuable resources to your business and a little help can go a long way to keeping an employee. The company health insurance may pay for this service or you may ask your employee to pay for treatment, but there are several resources available to find appropriate help.
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Substance Abuse
Anyone who has watched a family member struggle with substance abuse or addiction whether to tobacco, alcohol, illicit or prescription drugs--knows how painful and disruptive it can be to family life. Addiction does not begin and end with the abuser; it sends shock waves through an entire family unit.
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Substance abuse
s characterized by a pattern of continued pathological use of a medication, non-medically indicated drug or toxin, that results in repeated adverse social consequences related to drug use, such as failure to meet work, family, or social obligations, interpersonal conflicts, or
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Substance abuse
In case of ‘substance abuse’, it is related to the use of certain performance enhancing drugs or psychoactive drugs, albeit illegally (in most cases) for non-medical/non-therapeutic purposes. In this case the term abuse is inclusive of the syndrome ‘dependency’. The most
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Substance Abuse
The group members who attended the meeting were just about 10. As I listened, there were exactly 5 alcoholics and 5 family members and I was accepted as someone interested to determine how the discussion progresses and what information are shared with the objective
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Substance Abuse
Substance Abuse refers to the use of illegal drugs in order to alter mood or get rid of stresses of life. When people use the word substance abuse, they usually refer to the use of illegal drugs by different people.
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Substance abuse
People claim that though they obtain the drug illegally they use it for a good course. A dilemma rises as to whether people are justified to abuse substances with the intent of improving their livelihood.
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