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Critical analysis of a qualitative study - Research Paper Example

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Critical Analysis of a Qualitative Study Critical Analysis of a Qualitative Study Research Critique This paper will critic the nursing qualitative study entitled, “Experiences of Healthcare Team Members Involved in Facial Transplant Surgery and Patient Care” by Linda A…
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Critical analysis of a qualitative study
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Download file to see previous pages The clinical or medical impact that healthcare team members can derive from continued exposure to facial transplantation led to the study. The research problem relates to the fact that no conclusive research explores the personal, professional, and ethical experiences and perceptions of the healthcare team members who have participated in facial transplant procedures, whose attitudes and experiences may consequently influence patient care (Evans, 2013). Therefore, the study seeks to address this knowledge gap using an ethical approach. Notably, we should care about this study as it derives the knowledge on the experiences and perceptions of healthcare team members on caring for facial transplantation patients, using an ethical framework (Evans, 2013). The study established that facial transplantation required a different approach than the other organ transplants. Indeed, the study reckons that unlike other transplants, which take one direction, health care givers, and patients participating in facial transplantation need collectively intense physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual care (Evans, 2013). The study established that clinical participants experience a high level of responsibility since they must do it perfectly. However, the study notes that most clinical participants were hesitant and uncertain about the success of facial transplantation due to the complexity of the process (Evans, 2013). Nevertheless, all participants in the study welcomed the moral obligation to transform the patients’ lives through facial transplantation and hence they had to develop confidence, teamwork, discipline, and perfection to succeed in this process. The study notes that healthcare team members involved in facial transplantation meet ethical, psychological, and clinical challenges, which they have to overcome for the process to succeed (Evans, 2013). The study establishes the financial burden and long-term effects that health members derived from facial transplantation. These findings relate to the clinical problem (Shanmugarajah et al, 2012). Purpose and Research Questions The purpose of the study is to explore the experiences of healthcare team member in caring for facial transplantation patients, using an ethical framework (Evans, 2013). The qualitative study had relevant research questions that it sought to answer. The research questions included: What were the experiences of the healthcare team members in caring for patients undergoing facial transplant surgery? What are some of the ethical, personal, and professional impacts that health caregivers derive from continued exposure to facial transplantation? How do healthcare team members meet ethical, psychological, and clinical challenges in facial transplantation? How did the ethical, personal, and professional experiences and perceptions by the healthcare team members affect patient care in facial transplantation? Notably, the research purpose and research questions had a correlation with the research problem. This is evident where the research purpose and research questions address the research problem by leading to a research that explores the personal, professional, and ethical experiences and perceptions of the healthcare team members who have participated in facial transplant procedures, whose attitudes and experiences may consequently influence patient care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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