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Two Learning Theories - Assignment Example

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Two Learning Theories Date Abstract The essay aims to address a two-fold objective to wit: (1) to describe two learning theories; and (2) to determine the relationship of learning theories to nursing practice. Two Learning Theories Introduction Learning theories originated from psychology and involves changed in thoughts, feelings, attitudes, or behavior…
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Two Learning Theories
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Extract of sample "Two Learning Theories"

Download file to see previous pages Two of these theories are the behaviorist theory and the humanist theory. Behaviorist theory view learning as the product of the stimulus conditions (S) and the responses (R) after the exposure to the stimulus. Due to the relationship between the stimulus and the responses, it is most often referred to as the S-R Model of Learning (Bastable, 2008, p. 54). Proponents of the behaviorist theory believe that behavior can be learned or unlearned by modifying the stimulus in the environment or the responses to the stimulus. This type of learning acquires learning through practical application, requiring less thinking and emotional affectations. Behaviorist theory created a significant impact on education and behavior change through classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Classical conditioning was identified by Ivan Pavlov and sometimes referred to as the Pavlovian conditioning or respondent conditioning (Butts& Rich, 2011, p. 207). In classical conditoining, there is an introduction of a neutral stimulus to the unconditioned stimulus and unconditioned response. The neutral stimulus has no connection with the unconditioned stimulus and response. ...
210). On the other hand, humanistic learning theory focuses on the person and emphasized the importance of feelings over thoughts(Butts& Rich, 2011, p. 229). Learning takes place when people are given the chance to express their feelings, making them an active participant in the learning process. The concept of hierarchy of needs by Abraham Maslow has strengthened the humanistic theory as well as the construct of self-concept by Rogers which identified individual need for unconditional positive self-regard (Butts& Rich, 2011, p. 230). Humanistic theory’smain advantage over other learning theories is its holistic approach and openness in education and health care field. Learning Theories and Nursing Practice Learning theories is crucial to nursing practice. Evidences of interconnection are found between patients and families who wanted to acquire information on how to adjust to a particular medical condition, in students getting hold of information and skills needed to become a nurse, or in health care professionals designing effective teaching plan for patients. All of these demonstrate relationship of learning theories with the nursing practice. Learning theories serve as frameworks for health care professionals on planning learning outcomes.The construction of different learning theories enables the health professionals to understand how the introduction of knowledge can affect an individual’s feeling, thoughts, and behavior. Learning theories were also linked to the health counseling, work organization, and hospital’s management, marketing, and advertising (Bastable, 2008, p. 73). Nurses are often the professionals involved in health education of patients. That is why they always ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Two Learning Theories" is quite often seen among the assignments in high school. Still, this sample opens a fresh perspective of seeing the question. I’ll use the idea for my own sample.

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