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Madeline Leininger Middle Range Theory - Essay Example

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Madeline Leninger Middle Range Theory Name Professor Course Date Middle Range Nursing Theory That Is Unique In Development of Nursing Knowledge Madeleine Leninger’s theory of nursing is a unique theory in development of nursing knowledge. This theory recognizes the necessity of the concepts of caring in the field of nursing…
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Madeline Leininger Middle Range Theory
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Download file to see previous pages These insights introduced a phenomenon related to nursing called cultural care nursing. This theory addresses the cultural dynamics influencing the nurse-client relationship. This gives the theory uniqueness because it focuses on features of nursing, and it studies and explains the outcome of the nursing care (McEwen & Wills, 2011). Describe Why You Believe This Theory Is a Unique Nursing Theory Based On Your Application of the Criteria from the Text Culture care theory has contributing features that make it a unique theory. This theory, launched in 1950s remains the oldest nursing theory. It focuses solely on the interrelationship of care and culture of a person’s health, well being, death, health, and illness. It also focuses on comparative cultural care. Through its multidimensional and holistic nature, the theory developed multifaceted culture based care practices and meaning. It focuses on global, cultural care diversities and universalities. The theory also incorporates a designed research method called ethno nursing. In addition to its three action modes, the theory has practical and abstract features that help in delivering a cultural congruent care. Most of all, the theory focuses on professional and generic culture care, worldview related data, social structure factors and ethno history in a variety of environmental contexts. The theory originated from the theorist’s diverse and extensive anthropological insights, nursing experience, values, creative thinking and life experiences that immensely contribute to use and study. These features of the theory make it a powerful tool for new practices and knowledge in healthcare contexts (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2009). Describe the Origin, and Background of the Theory and Theorist Born in Nebraska in 1948, Madeleine Leininger received her nursing diploma from St. Antony’s School of Nursing, Denver, Colorado. In 1950, she received her undergraduate, and in 1954, she received her Master’s of Science in Mental Health and Psychiatry. She received her PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology in 1965. Throughout her career, she acknowledged the importance of care in nursing. She received frequent appreciations from patients she gave care. While working in a children’s guidance home, she experienced a cultural shock from the recurrent behavior of children on a cultural basis. She identified care and culture knowledge as the link in nurse’s ability to comprehend the variations in patient care and support of healing, compliance and wellness. In 1950, the knowledge, she acquired helped her develop the phenomenal culture care nursing. Culture care theory originated from Leninger’s experience and knowledge in the role of capabilities of culture in nursing (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2009). Leninger considers the theory to be a middle range theory because it has dimensions for assessing the total nursing picture. However, it has comprehensive and holistic capabilities for a broader nursing practice application than traditionally expected of a middle range theory. The theory provides harmonious care measures for groups or individual’s practices, values and beliefs. The primary goal of the theory lies on cultural congruent care. The culture care theory resulted from the theorists devoted consciousness and an ever changing world in which the individuals interact with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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