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Nursing at Maternity Unite - Assignment Example

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This paper discusses the job description, performance measures and other related elements of nursing in the maternity unit of the medical facility. In the age of technology and advancements, the concept of innovation and efficiency has been an increasingly popular phenomenon in both the production and service sector of the countries. …
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Nursing at Maternity Unite
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Download file to see previous pages With the increasing revolution in the technology and the rising demands of healthcare sector has resulted into the formation of a suitable job description of nurses in this unit. When I was hired as a nurse in the maternity department of the facility, I was given a job description which included almost all those factors regarding the duties and responsibilities, which I think are essential for a nurse to perform. According to this, I was required to perform the quality nursing process with utmost safety and care. Proper nursing interventions had to be provided during the post and ante partum period, along with managing the cases of mid-trimester abortion and preparing the patients for LSCS gynecological surgeries. Standard precautions have to be taken while performing clinical practices and giving guidelines to the patients. Moreover, we, the nurses, according to our job descriptions are required to foster good relations with our staff, patients, their families and every other person who is related to us in some way or the other. Education is the most essential aspect of our job descriptions which maintains that, to be a registered nurse at the maternity unit of the hospital, it is necessary that we have the Midwife/Registered Nurse diploma or a BNS degree. It is also mandatory to hole a current license of the practice and certificate of employment in order to render our services professionally. Moreover, the completion of 3 years of clinical experience has also been made mandatory. Thus, in all the ways and dimensions, does our job description require us to show a professional attitude and maintain a standard of the nursing services (Stanberry, 2000). Recruitment and Selection Process The recruitment and selection of employees, in my opinion, is one of the vital decisions which is undertaken to maintain a good staff. In many countries, the nurses and other hospital staff is recruited very carefully, keeping in view, their quality, education and standards of working in mind. At our facility, the recruitment process requires filling up a form with complete employee profile, identity, education, experiences and other proficiencies. After the processing of this form, the employees are required to submit their references, license of registration, agreements to the terms and conditions and the samples of other documents. After performing other selection essentials, the nurses are hired officially to serve in the maternity department (Ueckert & Prokosch, 2002). The interview process also requires the employees to show the best possible understanding of all the medical concepts of nursing and things related to pregnancy, childbirth, traumas and other conditions. This standard matches the requirements of the nursing ‘best practices’ and aligns the needs of recruiting nurses with the standardized procedure (NHS South East Coast’s Maternity Matters Programme, 2009). Performance Appraisal The performance appraisal of the nurses is undertaken in our hospital at a regular basis. It is believed that ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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