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Postpartum Depression Practicum Journal - Assignment Example

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Self-Reflective Practicum Journal Name Mentor Group Agency Date, Clinical Hours, and Running Total of Clinical Hours Brief Summary of Activity Objective and Evidence of Accomplishment Numbers and Reflective Learning 4/15/2013 8 hrs RT = 8 hours 4/20/2013 6 hrs RT = 14 hours 4/22/2013 4 hrs RT = 18 hours 4/29/2013 8 hrs RT = 26 hours 5/8/2013 7 hrs RT = 33 hours 5/13/2013 8 hrs RT = 41 hours 5/20/2013 8 hrs RT = 49 hours 4/31/2013 7 hrs RT = 56 hours 6/5/2013 8 hrs RT = 64 hours Through a series of activities, I sought to understand the clinical practices that are involved in handling delivery cases and the probable eventual outcomes that are associated with depression after delivery…
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Postpartum Depression Practicum Journal
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Download file to see previous pages I staged a meeting with the head of the postpartum department of the general hospital in his office to discuss my analysis of the three cases of post delivery depression. I staged a meeting with my mentor at his office to discuss the implications of my findings from the studies that I evaluated. I developed a design of a practical study curriculum for nursing school in the studies regarding post delivery care and management. There are various literatures from research studies that has been done all over the globe in regard to evidence based best practices on the topic of postpartum depression through which I did reviews to develop the design for the curriculum. I intended to a develop an appropriate postpartum teaching plans for handling teaching practice in nursing school especially while handling the aftermath of delivery and the complications that results to depression. Formulation of evaluation surveys for assessment of effectiveness of the current curriculum in teaching postpartum depression and management practices. An analysis of universal nursing requirements as relating to postpartum was necessary for proper understanding of the resultant of post delivery outcomes. Objective # 1a: Analyses of three cases of postpartum cases within the maternity unit were done. In general, the analysis followed a procedure through collecting the previous day’s record on the cases of postpartum and then carrying out an assessment of the attending clinician’s staff records about the patient. Communication as well as clinical skills was basic areas of my evaluation through which I would assess their effectiveness in handling the cases of postpartum occurrences. It was great lessons to realize that perfection in clinical skills coupled with good communication were instrumental in assessment of the post partum complications. I learnt that the basic effects associated with the complications revolve around blurred vision, c-sections and complications and breath complications among others. Objective # 1b: My study evaluated the findings of seven studies that had previously been done in different parts of the world concerning the after math of delivery and possible developments. A very shocking statistic of one out of every ten women who were successful to give birth had a tendency of suffering from postpartum depression. The analysis confirmed my previous finding that the medical practitioners had a critical role to play in promptly informing the patients within the earliest possible time of noting the likelihood of the compilations developing. Moreover, I learnt from the experience of others that it is of paramount importance to have this postpartum complications knowhow to every woman because if one is lucky to avoid the complication, may be an immediate person within one’s circle of friends. Different patients have different symptoms of the depression and complication that arise after the delivery. Through these study reviews, I am no w better placed to further the research on more elaborate facts about the postpartum compli ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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