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Health Promotion: Intervention & Evaluation - Dissertation Example

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The paper “Health Promotion: Intervention & Evaluation” focuses on the procedure of making it possible for people to have much control over their health and make it better. In order to implement a sound health promotion intervention, there is a need to follow a few strategic steps…
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Health Promotion: Intervention & Evaluation
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Download file to see previous pages The Eastern Mediterranean Region includes 22 countries and ranges from Morocco to Pakistan. The population in the region is about 500 million. The region consists of a large young population of about 40 percent under the age of 15 (WHO, 1994). The dependency ratio is also as high as 79 percent. The crude birth rate is also examined to be high (i.e. 28.5) and birth rate shows a high rate too (i.e. 8.0). The annual growth rate is 2.3 percent and the annual fertility rate is 4.0 percent (WHO, 2003). However, an improved trend of these records has been noticed in the past few years, there is still enough space to make more improvements and make the region a better place to live. Different countries in the region show different per capita GNP and the huge variations in these figures have a large impact on the power of spending on health and hence, create a significant impact on the overall health system and its effectiveness. The GNP per capita in the region varies from as high as USD 28,000 ($28000) for Qatar to as low GNP per capita as of USD 160 ($160) for Afghanistan. A report suggests that Afghanistan, Djibouti, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen are the five least developed states in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (UNSTAD, 2002).
The EMR Intervention:
The health promotion throughout the Region is based on different principles, for instance, the base of health promotion through Islamic Lifestyles and resolutions of regional committee by Amman. The region involves community participation approach to promote health and health awareness among the vast population. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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