Thermoking SL 200e vs. General Chest Freezer - Research Paper Example

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Thermoking SL 200e vs. General Chest Freezer
The chest freezers also known as the deep freezers are very important when it comes to any kind of preservation. …
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Thermoking SL 200e vs. General Chest Freezer
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Thermoking SL 200e vs. General Chest Freezer The chest freezers also known as the deep freezers are very important when it comes to any kind of preservation. The chest freezers are the best when it comes to long preservations of food. e blue star chest freezes are basically the best when it comes to long preservations as they use states of art technology to preserve the stored food for a very long period of time. The design of the chest freezers safeguards their durability as it makes them last for a very long time and helps the chest freezers to consume minimal amount of electricity (Indo Cool Sales & Services 1). The chest freezers come in two types that include the CHF series (hard top freezers) and glass top chest freezers. CHF series freezers have hard top lids which are made of MS steel. This kind of freezer is perfect when it comes to storing frozen foods that do not require any kind of display. The glass top chest freezers (GT series) freezers have a lid on top (not an MS lid). This type of freezer freezer is ideal for storing foods that are on display (like ice creams). These deep chest freezers have the following characteristics: a robust construction, corrosion resistant due to the pre-coated GI cabinet, they are tropicalized for the high ambient conditions, and have a lockable lid. They also have double doors for high capacity equipment, are eco-friendly [R-134a], and possess a high energy efficient compressor which means greater efficiency during cooling (Indo Cool Sales & Services 1). A small variation in the temperature can adversely disturb the shelf life of the sensitive produce. For example, a variation of 1 degree centigrade can decrease the lettuce’s shelf life by a day (Thermo King Corporation 2). The Thermoking SL 200e refrigeration equipment has temperature modulation that is quite efficient. It has a very precise temperature control that has a supply of cool and moist air for the fresh produce. The temperature modulation reduces weight loss and dehydration, increases the product shelf-life by approximately 60 percent, it virtually removes top freezing, and the fuel savings can be as much as 20 percent (Thermo King Corporation 4). The Thermoking SL 200e freezer also protects the load in that it delivers sufficient airflow and capacity. The modern SL range is capable of moving more air in a faster than any other systems found in the market. The airflow performance makes sure that the temperature variation in the load is maintained at an absolute minimum (Thermo King Corporation 9). While chest freezers may not have sophisticated controls, they have an advantage in that they can hold their temperature for a longer period of time compared to the SL 200e. In terms of storage, the SL 200e offers better capacity for organization compared to the chest freezer. This is due to the fact that placement of goods in the SL 200e is more like it is done with upright freezers. This therefore means that less digging is involved with the SL 200e compared to the chest freezer. Like the upright refrigerator, the SL 200e offers better capacity for good s stored first to be retrieved first. This means that the chances of stored items expiring are less with the SL 200e compared to the chest freezer which ideally is designed to make it easier for goods stored last to be retrieved first. The storage capacity of different refrigeration equipment may vary greatly. However, in the event that a chest freezer and a SL 200e have the same capacity, it proves easier to manage inventory in the latter as it closely resembles the upright freezer. The retrieval of goods from the SL 200e is easier compared to the chest going by its design making it ideal for serving a huge number of people. This is especially the case when a lot of goods are stored; some hidden behind the others. In as much as the SL 200e has superior offerings in terms of temperature regulation and control, this comes at a cost; the maintenance of the equipment is higher than that of the chest freezer. Conclusion Both the chest freezer and the SL 200e have certain advantages over each other. The SL 200e refrigeration equipment is ideal where strict temperature control is demanded ahile the chest frezer has better capabilities when long storage duration is the major factor to be considered. The SL 200e has better performance when it comes to inventory control, organization and easy retrieval of goods to avoid possible expiry. Works Cited “Chest Freezer.” Indo Cool Sales & Services. Indo Cool Sales & Services, n.d. Web. 4 June 2011. “Enhanced Performance through Proven Technology.” Thermo King Corporation. Thermo King Corporation, 2002. Web. 4 June 2011. “SLX Maximum Performance, Minimal Environmental Impact.” Thermo King Corporation. Thermo King Corporation, 2007. Web. 4 June 2011. Read More
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