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Eczema - Essay Example

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Nursing Eczema is one of the most common childhood conditions (Lawson 2008) and the most prevalent inflammatory disease in the UK (Kerr 2007). The term “‘Eczema’ refers to the superficial inflammation of the skin and impaired function of the epidermal barrier” (Mandelin 2010, p…
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Extract of sample "Eczema"

Download file to see previous pages Atopic eczema mostly begins at the stages of infancy and childhood. Among the children affected, about 65% developed the symptoms of Atopic eczema within their first year of life and 85% were affected with it before they were 5 years old (Atopic Dermatitis, 2011). Though Atopic eczema is found to be severe in infants and children, about 60 - 70% of the affected children are naturally cured of Atopic eczema by their early teens. Those children who inherited this atopic condition may suffer from its symptoms at any time, even in their teens, if triggered by environmental factors. Moreover, the atopic eczema patients are at an increased risk for asthma and allergic rhinitis. (Mandelin 2010).        Nurses play a major role in the management of atopic eczema.  Since there is no cure for eczema, patients and their caregivers can become despondent over time (NICE 2007). However, if a good skin care routine can be maintained, the majority of eczema patients can cope with the condition without too much trouble (Ward 2008).  Educating the patient about eczema is essential but this must be accompanied by demonstrating how to apply treatments, listening to what patients and parents/ caregivers have to say and working together to devise a skin care routine that fits in with their lifestyle in a holistic manner (Ward 2008).  Therefore “both the theoretical and clinical experience of a nurse is vital to assist both family and child in the condition” (Anderson & Miller, 2006).       The primary aim in the treatment of atopic eczema is to heal the skin and to prevent the flare ups. For the treatment of the skin, the parents have to follow an assisted skin care routine, to prevent the worsening of the condition. However, the amount of help and guidance a parent will receive for the treatment of atopic eczema from their GP or nurse can often vary (Ward 2008).  It is, therefore, of great importance that children’s nurses are aware and up to date with evidence based practice (Lawston 2008).          Nurses, since frequently make informed care decisions based on evidence based practice and research (Thompson 2002), they can assist and guide the family of atopic eczema patients and plan and devise an appropriate treatment. Today, nurses are accountable for their own practice and are answerable for their own acts or omissions, regardless of any direct instructions received and are expected to take responsibility for delivering care supported by best practice, a sound evidence base and validated research (NMC 2004).        The changes evolved in the field of Nursing is evident from the new roles of Nurses, such as a nurse practitioner running nurse led dermatology clinics, clinical nurse specialist at the forefront of a medical practicing field, etc. In the modern health care industry, Nurses need to be up-to-date with evidence based practice and it is the responsibility of the nurse to maintain and implement research into practice (Polit & Beck, 2010). Newell & Burnard (2011) reiterated this stating that one’s practice should always be evidence based and as being a health care professional, it is one’s ethical responsibility.        This paper focuses on the research studies conducted to find out the efficiency of prevailing treatments for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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..., the methods of treating Chronic Eczema may change, hence rendering the previous routines useless. For example, a new method of diagnosing Chronic Eczema may be discovered, and hence taking of picture of the affected part by the patient and sending it to the Dermatologist becomes less useful. Reliance on patient technology could exacerbate health inequalities The technologies available to different patients are varied. The knowledge to make proper use of the technologies available to the patient are also not guaranteed. For instance, relying on the photos taken by the patient may not give a clear picture of the intensity of the infection, especially if the focus of the photos is not good. For this...
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