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Respiratory nursing or pulmonary care nursing is an area which can be preferred by nurses to enter into. The nurses choosing respiratory nursing as a career path are supposed to work for the patients suffering from lung conditions. …
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Assessment and Decision Making in Nursing
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Download file to see previous pages It can be stated that decision making is one of the chief elements of the nursing work which is quite significant to comprehend since organisations discover cost effective ways for the purpose of delivering quality healthcare (Boblin-Cummings & Et. Al., 1999).
Clinical decision making is also termed as clinical reasoning, clinical inference, clinical judgment as well as diagnostic reasoning. However, the authors Hardy & Smith further suggest being careful regarding their interchangeability when others are making use of the same activity. Clinical decision making can be explained as the procedure through which informed judgment can be made regarding the treatment that is necessary for their patients (Hardy & Smith, 2008).
Legal Consideration And Ethical and Moral Conflicts In Respiratory Nursing
A respiratory nurse has to deal with the patients suffering from lung diseases. The respiratory nurses are supposed to effectively work with the patients belonging to all the ages in order to promote good health of the lungs. The patients who are suffering from adverse lung conditions need to be placed on ventilators or served with oxygen machines so that they can be assisted with breathing (Rafferty, n.d.). It is to be mentioned that most of the times the ethical responsibilities of the respiratory nurses conflict with the legal considerations in providing such care services. For instance, the role of the respiratory nurses is quite complementary to that of the respiratory physicians. In the recent times, with the widening of the scope of the respiratory nurses, independent clinical decisions in the provision of care and medical management of the respiratory patients is being made by the respiratory nurses. The main responsibility of the respiratory nurses lies in taking clinical decisions and in performing the requisite technical skills. However, the ultimate responsibility lies with the respiratory physicians (Rafferty, n.d.). For the development of the rules and the regulations regarding the drugs to be prescribed to the patients by the respiratory nurses without the references of the medical doctors, there is not any legal or professional barriers until and unless such rules and regulations meet the legal requirements and is supported by consultant medical staff. In this regard, it can be mentioned that such administration of the drugs for the patients need to have a legal, managerial as well as social support and needs to be accepted practise (Rafferty, n.d.). There are various legal responsibilities that the respiratory nurses are supposed to possess. The respiratory nurses who have obtained registration needs to ensure that their practices and conducts at nursing are according to the standards that has been set and thus meets the legal requirements. It can be stated that the registered respiratory nurses are held responsible for their own action most of the time. They are further responsible for participation in the activities through which the quality could be improved. It is the duty of the registered nurses to evaluate their practices on a continuous basis ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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