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From an assessment of this scenario, Isaac is suffering from mental health problems that arose out of his experiences, especially after leaving school. He portrays signs which Barry (1998) identifies as signs of depression…
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Case Study - Mental Dysfunction
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Download file to see previous pages This incident also changed him from being a happy boy into an angry fellow. In addition, it has made him to experience sleepless nights and loose the hope of looking a better future as indicated by his inaction in seeking for a job since that the incident. The sexual harassment incident has also made Isaac to be paranoid, aggressive and agitated. Freeman and Garety (2004) state that paranoia is characterized by excessive suspicion of the actions of other people around a person and hostility towards them and these can be noted in Isaac. He is distrustful and feels very insecure for example, he feels his mother has evil intentions towards him in her actions and accuses her of vague conspiracies. He thinks people in town see him as a gay. Evidence that Isaac is suffering from aggression can be seen in his actions like threatened his mother with a knife, causing problems in the streets and shouting around. He has also turned into behaviours like heavy smoking of marijuana to make him forget about all his bad lucks. These characters contrast his pre-harassment behaviours of being well mannered and trouble free. Isaac’s case presents the need for a good safety plan for him, the nurse in attendance and other local emergency department staff. It is evident that Isaac is suffering from depression. ...
It will eliminate the possibilities of him chasing around the staff. A restoration of the confidence to interact with friends is important because it will make Isaac to cooperate willingly with the departmental staff instead of seeing them as enemies and incite him to fight them. Goldberg (1998) advices that Isaac should be handled with love to reduce his symptoms of aggression which are a sign of inner bitterness and anger. It will also stop him from becoming suspicious of the intentions of the actions of staff towards him hence he will not react negatively. However, Isaac’s hands should remain tied until he shows signs of improvement and a good level of relaxation. As soon as he becomes calm, Isaac should be given restricted freedom within the facility. This should be accompanied by activities that encourage restoration of self-efficacy like personal hygiene. In order to restore a good interpersonal relationship at this stage, he will be allowed to interact with his friends, neighbours, and mother under close supervision to gauge his level of risk once released to go home. The time periods will then be increased for every visit. He should also undergo behaviour therapy to reduce his paranoia state. Isaac’s Mental State Examination Appearance (dress, hygiene, grooming, posture, gait, eye contact) On his admission, Isaac was poorly dressed and very dirty. His hair was unkempt and had lice. Isaac was not able to maintain a stable posture and a straight eye contact for long. He paces back and forth too frequently and quickly turns to look away from the people around him. He is too slim for his age. Behaviour (manner, friendliness, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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