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Coaching and or Mentoring Model/Strategies used for the Undergrad Nursing Students in the Clinical Area - Essay Example

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The developed countries of the world are regularly faced with the problem of shortages in the number of nurses. The existence of nurse shortages is primarily due to the fact that the entire workforce of nurses at present is growing old. …
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Coaching and or Mentoring Model/Strategies used for the Undergrad Nursing Students in the Clinical Area
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Extract of sample "Coaching and or Mentoring Model/Strategies used for the Undergrad Nursing Students in the Clinical Area"

Download file to see previous pages The root cause with respect to wide gap between the demand and supply of nurses in the developed countries is the ineffectiveness of mentoring programs or models for nursing education in those countries. The lost attractiveness of these mentoring programs is a significant reason for the growing shortages of nurses within the countries (Public Health Research Education & Development Program, 2011).
On diagnosing the fact that there is extreme necessity of generating an effective model or strategy for providing training to the undergraduate nursing students, the research paper has been developed. The aim of this research paper is to explore various aspects in regards to an effective mentoring program for educating the nursing students. As per the exploration results, the model or strategy for the most effective mentoring program will be designed along with consideration of the possible barriers that can evolve during the implementation process of the program. These steps will be followed for fulfilling the ultimate goal of successful implementation of the coaching and mentoring strategies in the arenas of educating the nursing students.
2. Brief Profile of the Area of Work
Another important profile of the work is to ensure that the guidelines and policies of the hospital are all adhered to by the students. The basis of this entire research paper has been framed by analyzing gained outlook from the work being provided as a Clinical Nursing Educator in mentoring and guiding the nursing students. The necessity for an effective mentoring program in the nursing training process has also been identified from the facts being observed during imparting mentorship to the students. As a core worker of educating the nursing students with regards to learning clinical nursing aspects for serving people, the barriers towards effective implementation of an enhanced mentoring program are not unfamiliar. Effective management is essential to be generated within the education centers so as to ensure successful implementation of the enhanced programs. With this notional belief being upheld and gaining insights from various relevant literatures to the topic, this area of the research has been considered. 3. Necessity of Framing Nursing Mentorship Strategy Retention of students in nursing education has become a challenging factor for the education centers providing training. Various researchers, over the past several years, have explored the reason for such increase in students’ attrition rate in the education centers providing nursing training. Dorsey and Bake (2004), have recognized that there are mainly three causes that initiate the situation. The first reason is related to objectives of the nursing education aimed towards enhancement of students profile joining the education centers for becoming nurses and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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