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Mentoring and Assessing - Personal Statement Example

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Valuable learning can take place within clinical nursing practice, often using reflection as the key strategy. Reflection offers an opportunity for practitioners to enlighten the essential nature of the care by delving into the less articulated structures of knowing…
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Mentoring and Assessing
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Download file to see previous pages This reflective exercise will throw light on the intricate complexities of my profession, the demanding ethical implications of my job, and the rigorous requirement of my fitness for standards (NMC, Standards 02.04). This is a written account of it so it may invoke a critical appraisal of my own actions, and as expected will open vistas for self-analysis and experiential self-learning. This would enrich my skill of mentoring by development of knowledge, its transmission, and its use in practice setting (NMC 2004b).
Throughout this account, I shall use Gibbs (1988) cyclical model of reflection. Reflection offers a subjective and contextual view of the world through my views. In the Gibbs cycle of reflection, every action will invoke a thought or feeling, so I would be able to evaluate those experiences and critically analyze them to make sense of it (Spalding, 1998). A careful analysis would aid a conclusion by consideration of all the alternatives of a happening scenario, so an action plan can be developed for future incidents in the practice. Evidently, this is a cyclical process of thoughts affecting our actions on a given situation where I can make sense of it. This would provide me with evidence as to how effective my actions were, thus creating a learning opportunity for me, and at the end of the cycle I would have new knowledge about the changed perspectives through the critical analysis (Fish and Twinn, 1997).
NMC has well-conceived standards to support learning and assessment in practice. As per these standards, these learning and assessment processes, although designed to train the new entrants, applying the principles of learning theory, have important outcomes for mentors, practice teachers, and teachers (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2004). This usually assumes the form of a developmental framework, and the development occurs in stages. The whole process of this developmental and assessment framework is required to be supported and assessed by mentors. The midwifery mentors who have additionally qualified to be sign-off mentors as part of their mentorship qualification programme would make the final assessment of practice, and after the assessment, if the registrant qualifies the NMC standards, they would be recommended to be registered (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2004). To be able to do this, NMC has further designed the framework in such a way that if the outcomes are met within the rigorous provisions of accountability, the registrant nurses will be qualified to be registered. The domains in this framework are establishing effective working relationship, facilitation of learning, assessment with rigorous accountability, evaluation of learning, more importantly creating an environment of learning, establishing context of practice, promoting evidence-based practice, and inducing leadership. This framework will be suited for working in the modern healthcare, and there would be a perspective of inter-professional learning (Nursing and Midwifery Council, 2006). Furthermore, this has a close correlation with the career pathways of the nurses due to the fact that NHS has launched KFC scheme as indicators of terms and conditions of service for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Mentoring and Assessing Personal Statement Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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