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Rhetorical Analysis of Sunday Bloody Sunday - Case Study Example

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This work "Rhetorical Analysis of Sunday Bloody Sunday" describes the history of the song “Sunday Bloody Sunday", the main message, the purpose of recreation of a vivid image of the violence period. It gives the ability to communicate to people who were not even present during the time when the “Bloody Sunday” bloodshed took place. But it creates a warning against the negative effects of violence…
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Rhetorical Analysis of Sunday Bloody Sunday
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Extract of sample "Rhetorical Analysis of Sunday Bloody Sunday"

Download file to see previous pages At the beginning of the song, the most notable thing is the sound that results from Larry Mullen, Jr.’s drums. Larry Mullen, Jr. beats his drum in a marital rhythm that creates the vision of a troop in the minds of listeners (Fitzgerald& Oflynn 2014, p. 45). This song can be said to have been a successful creation of the picture of exactly what took place during the “Bloody Sunday”.
In this song, U2 seems to be talking directly to the general public of Ireland. As much as a majority of the audiences might not be familiar with what took place during the “Bloody Sunday” what is certain is that they must have experienced violence at some point in their lives. Despite the fact that this is an incident that took place sometime back, violence is still something that is common for the people of Ireland. One thing that can never be disputed is the fact that whoever the targeted audience is, U2 aims at discouraging them against violence (Kraenzlin 2010, p. 22). Therefore, this fact can be used to assert that U2 would have targeted the general public and law enforcement bodies. In most cases, the law enforcement bodies and protestors are the people who usually make demonstrations such as the one that led to bloodshed during the “Bloody Sunday” the question, in this case, is if there is any more civilized way of protesting or bringing an end to protests. When it comes to ending protests, it can be said that U2 targeted governments, especially those who had used law enforcement officers such as armies to suppress those who opposed their styles of leadership and policies (McLeay 1995, p. 5).
The song’s first line which is, "I can’t believe the news today," is a common response of many people immediately they come across news on violence. U2 tries to bring to the attention of the listeners that it is not only those people who are killed or injured during violence that are affected. In most cases, the whole of society is always affected. Violence usually creates confusion in society with some people trying to retaliate while the other being so scared to keep on doing things that they used to do in their lives. This is specifically the main reason as to why the song begins with this particular line so that the listeners can be drawn to the satiations that usually follow violent incidents such as the “Bloody Sunday”. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Rhetorical Analysis of Sunday Bloody Sunday Case Study.
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