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Tono-Bungay is a novel that tells the life history of a young man, George Ponderovo, who grows up in Bladesover, a country estate where the division of people based on class is the order of life. The author of the novel, H.G Wells, describes the plight of the middle class and…
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Download file to see previous pages this rather oppressed lower class members of this “society” but clearly holds the view that it is their cliché mode of life that restricts them from leading a better life (Wells 6). He also asserts that there is a greater social problem in the society driven by money. He writes “See what the world pays teachers and discoverers and what it pays businessmen! That shows the ones it really wants” (136). Largely, the book covers the troubles of the low class in their bid to make something good for themselves. This novel reflects on the life of the society at the time it was written and specifically concerns the social changes caused by industrialization and consumerism trends. A notable focus on this book, in the aspect of the argument of this paper, is that the people in this age can find a bearing of the insights in their social life. By covering the socialist ideals and ideas, Tono-Bungay not only becomes important for the society during its setting but also in subsequent generations as the social issues in the book are transferrable from one era to another.
At the beginning of the novel, Wells narrates through George the ignorance of the lower class in the society. They are easily duped by the wealthy class to continue serving them hence enriching themselves only. George comes to learn of the world of the wealthy class as a boy through listening to the comic and humiliating conversation of men and women of the lower class in the society. Wells narrations point out that these conversations mirrored the unawareness as well as the rigidity that these men and women of the lower English class had towards their plight. These people have adopted a cliché mode of life which they have gained so much comfort in that they do not seek to improve their lives or that of their future generations. George, young as he is at the time, can tell that the sickness in the social fabric of the English society he lives in. George says “She is reality, the one reality I have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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