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How to Dance Salsa - Essay Example

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This paper, How to Dance Salsa, declares that technically, dancing may be seen as the movement of one’s body swiftly and elegantly, creative movement of the hands and legs and to sway with the rhythm of the beat. However, dancing is more than it meets the eye…
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How to Dance Salsa
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Download file to see previous pages Ever region or country has it individual culture and dance is a part of that culture. Salsa is also a part of the long list of dances available worldwide. Although Salsa originated in the Caribbean, it gradually gained popularity all over the world with certain alterations in style. Salsa, in general, gave the identity and defined the culture of the Latin America particularly The Caribbean.
Salsa is a word that describes a variety of dance styles from many regions of Latin America but it basically belongs to the Caribbean. It is mainly distinguished with the highly energetic and vivacious hip movement which is accompanied by a fervent beat. It was formed as a result of a merger between Cuban mambo and Latin jazz in the 1960’s with a touch of choreography and styling from the Puerto Ricans who resided in the Big Apple, the New York City. However, Salsa is still constantly evolving and developing and being modified with new steps and styles. Salsa has its roots embedded deep in Latin America and the Afro-Caribbean. Salsa originated on the island of Cuba. A Frenchman who had fled From Haiti had brought the country dance of France to Cuba, This dance was called the Danzon. The dance then began to blend with the several types of Rhumbas such as the Guaguanco, Columbia, and Yambu. A major part consisted of a mixture of Sonero and the African Drumbeats, known as the Son of the Cuban people. This fusion happened in Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and Columbia etc. but not as popularly as in Cuba. In the 1930s, when Second World War was on its verge, the name ‘salsa’ emerged with this dance moving to the city of lights New York and Mexico. Salsa was a nickname for various Hispanic originated music such as the mambo, cha cha cha, meringue and many others. Apart from all of this, there was a large investment in the promotion of Salsa. The word did not gain much popularity until the 1960’s. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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