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Compare and contrast the development of the styles of any two Jazz artists ex: louis armstrong and Miles Davis - Essay Example

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It is a mixture of European musical notes and the African musical aspects, for example syncopation. Over the years Jazz came to adopt the aspects of American music. Other…
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Compare and contrast the development of the styles of any two Jazz artists ex: louis armstrong and Miles Davis
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Extract of sample "Compare and contrast the development of the styles of any two Jazz artists ex: louis armstrong and Miles Davis"

Download file to see previous pages Louis Armstrong on the other hand, was born in 1901to a poor family in New Orleans. His parents later on abandoned him leaving his sister to raise the small child.
Louis became interested in music by hanging out in clubs. He considers Oliver as his father since Oliver mentored him in the area of jazz music. Armstrong posed technical skills and the ability to invent jazz music something that is still evident in his compositions to date. It is believed that only Parker Charlie was close enough to have such a big influence in jazz music like Armstrong did. Just like is overseer Oliver King Joe, Armstrong played the cornet. It is also this pioneer who gave him his first cornet after joining his band (Gioia, 1997). Armstrong was also a talented trumpet player; he astonished many people with his beautiful tunes gaining worldwide recognition.
His solo performances with the trumpet enabled other soloists to step on stage in jazz. Armstrong usually blended old musical tunes with new tunes, giving jazz a characteristic mixture. In 1942, Louis formed the Louis Armstrong All stars group after struggling to maintain a band which disbanded. He also made movies in the 1950s and gained a lot of criticism for talking against racism. He then suffered a heart attack in 1959 and was warned by the physicians against the busy schedules. Armstrong ignored and produced one of his greatest songs Hello Dolly which retained number one spot for two weeks in 1964. He later dies in 1971.
Miles Davies is also a respected figure in the field of jazz music. He played the trumpet and was a leading figure in the bebop style of jazz music. He played a role of combining the jazz and rock music something that greatly distinguishes him from jazz music Armstrong. He played the trumpet something that he gained from his father at age 13 when his father offered him as a birthday present. This birthday present saw him transform the world in terms of jazz music. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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