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The paper "Response to Timothy Biles, Joseph Ellman, Louis Roy" highlights that Louis Roy did a great job by linking the personal attributes and natures of the leaders to their leadership reign and this brought out a great sense of the leadership styles practised by the leaders. …
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Response to Timothy Biles, Joseph Ellman, Louis Roy
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Extract of sample "Response to Timothy Biles, Joseph Ellman, Louis Roy"

Timothy Biles
Even though the makes great effort to clarify the evolution of leadership showed by the leaders he settled, one strong deficiency of the paper is that the student refuses to link the evolution of leadership of these leaders to their styles of leadership. Meanwhile, evolution of leadership is said to be greatly influenced by the style of leadership practised by the leader (Grey, 2009). Even more, the writer shows no correspondence between the various leaders discussed and how each of them possessed a different leadership quality from the other (Almah, 2008). Worse of all, there was no reference list and a couple of grammatical mistakes.
Joseph Ellman
It is said that in the comparison of leaders to show the evolution of leadership, fallouts done in the comparison of the leadership attributes exhibited by the various leaders hinders the success of the whole comparison (Herman, 2000). This is because there ought to be compared so that the real moments of evolution can be identified but this was lacking in the student’s presentation. Even more, the student presented his dates in descending order instead of ascending order to give a clear link between the leaders. Clearly, dates do not flow in descending orders (Almah, 2008). Read More
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