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Did Timothy Quill behave appropriately towards Diana What is the best argument to the conclusion that he did not Would it have been different if he had given - Essay Example

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Timothy Quill behaved very appropriately towards Diane, with empathy, understanding and kindness, as her choice was the best alternative under the circumstances. The decision was not forced on Diane; instead, it was her own decision and without being influenced or persuaded…
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Did Timothy Quill behave appropriately towards Diana What is the best argument to the conclusion that he did not Would it have been different if he had given
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Extract of sample "Did Timothy Quill behave appropriately towards Diana What is the best argument to the conclusion that he did not Would it have been different if he had given"

Download file to see previous pages The doomed person has a right to decide about her life and body. It is not exactly euthanasia, because she was not particularly helped by any one in the deed. No doubt, there were indirect guiding hands that assisted her through every step towards the unhappy end.
With all the amazing advancement in the world of science and medicine, we still have been unable to stop the pain, helplessness and suffering. A large amount of money is being continuously spent by all nations on cancer research; but till now, it had been done in vain, while cancer still remains the most dreaded and horrifying disease of all. The unreasonable striking of the disease, intolerable agony it causes, the hopelessness of an impending death sentence and the ultimate cruelty of an unbearably painful end – cancer had remained the worst killer of modern times, which unfailingly makes the human beings realise the mortality of life.
Diane, who had already gone through another form of cancer rather successfully, was not horrified beyond limits. She was angry at her unrelenting fate, sad that she had to decide on her own death; but once she accepted it as her destiny, she neither fought against it, nor wasted her remaining short time, crying over it. Her only demand was that she should be allowed to make her own decision, which she eventually did, with a slight, but not pronounced help from Timothy. Timothy was aware of the outcome of a natural end and he had witnessed the agony of his patients dying of cancer, in sheer helplessness and impotency. After discussing the matter again and again with Diane, whom he admired by the way, in which she fought her various battles, Timothy decided to stand by her. He was convinced that Diane not only has taken the easy way out, but also has chosen the best alternative under the circumstances. She hardly had any great choices. Timothy knew how difficult it is to take one’s own life, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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