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This is a 2 page essay discussing the dance, music, theatre, and visual arts content standards of the second grade level and plan of the study…
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Second grade standards
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"Second grade standards"

Second grade content standards for music focus on four main groups of assessment: creative expression, history and culture, aesthetic value, and connections and relationships. Music skill acquisition and appreciation from a childhood perspective is the main goal of these standards. The structures shown in the standards show a wide range of basic applications, concentrating on passive as well as active learning. Listening and performing music, in terms of content topics, can be complementary in terms of communication, as they are in this content standard. The students in second grade are children, so groupings are important for their social development as well as their mastery of music basics. It is also important for the teacher to keep the lesson fun and engaging
as the students express answers as well as creative expressions through music. In activities like song-singing and learning about different instruments, composers, and styles, the students will also be working through repetition to build their basic listening and speaking skills. Read More
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