The Song Tim McGraw -A Dedication to Soldiers - Case Study Example

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 This study discusses the song Tim McGraw paints this picture for all of his listeners with his choice of viewpoint, diction, and allusions. This song is sung from the point of view of a soldier who has died a tragic death at war and is sending a letter home to his family from heaven.  …
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The Song Tim McGraw -A Dedication to Soldiers
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Outline I. Point of View A. This song is from the point of view of a soldier. B. It is a love letter from him up in heaven to his family on earth. II. Diction
A. The tone of this song is sad for the most part.
1. The soldier will not get to witness the birth of his little girl.
2. He wishes he could give his wife one more kiss.
3. He knows he will no longer get to spend his life with her.
B. He also provides encouragement and reassurance.
1. He tells her that he is okay.
2. He encourages her to move on and find someone else knew.
3. He offers hope for his wife and his daughter.
III. Allusions
A. “Now I lay me down.” This is a child’s prayer.
B. “I’m here with God.” This means that he is in heaven.
C. “Where soldiers are singing Amazing Grace.” This is a reference to the Christian Hymn.
IV. Conclusion
A. A dedication to soldiers.
B. Helps us to appreciate what the soldiers have done for us.
In order for America to be what it are, the military watches over us, protects us, and even fights for us. Unfortunately, in order to keep this country free and strong, soldiers must die, and there is a large amount of bloodshed on the account of millions. Families who experience these losses are devastated. Tim McGraw paints this picture for all of his listeners with his choice of viewpoint, diction, and allusions.
This song is sung from the point of view of a soldier who has died a tragic death at war and is sending a letter home to his family from heaven. We can draw such a conclusion because he is asking his wife if she is reading the letter while in his mom’s presence. This can be found in the beginning of the song, when he sings “"If youre reading this and my mamas sitting there…" The soldier hopes that his family will read his letter, so they can know about what has happened to him, as well as receive reassurance and encouragement to go on.
The diction that Tim McGraw uses in his song portrays two different tones. The tones are of sadness, as well as encouragement. The words that he uses to portray sadness is when he is talking about how he will not be able to give his wife another kiss and how he cannot be there to witness the birth of his little girl. He also talks about how he will no longer be there to spend the rest of his life with her. Though he has told her this, she gives his wife encouragement. He tells her that it is okay to move on and be with someone else. He offers reassurance to his wife and his family that he is okay up in heaven and is at peace. NO longer is he being tormented by war. NO longer is he hurting.
In addition to the point of view diction that Tim McGraw uses to get his strong and powerful message across to his listeners, he also uses allusions to speak of the dead soldier’s spiritual state. For instance, Tim McGraw makes a reference to the child’s prayer by singing “Now I lay me down” meaning that he is talking to God, and his family should also do the same. The reference to this prayer can also mean that he is resting in peace, no longer suffering from the ravages of war. Tim McGraw also makes references to heaven, as his song contains a line that states that he is with God watching down on his wife, his family, and his unborn baby girl. Finally, Tim McGraw references the Christian hymn, Amazing Grace. This reference is to pain the picture how powerful the Christian hope is and how it can get one through the trials of losing someone. Furthermore, it provides reassurance to those who are grieving that loved ones who have been lost in death are safe with God, waiting for their loved ones to meet them. The point of view, the diction, and the allusions within this song all contribute to the somber, patriotic tone.
While the song is of that of a somber and patriotic tone, it conveys to us the importance of a soldier’s duties. It lets us know that our freedom is not free and that it comes at a price, which is the lost loves of the soldiers, as well as the bloodshed from millions of fighting men and women. Tim McGraw dedicates this song to all soldiers and their families for what they’ve sacrificed for us to have the lives that we do. Read More
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