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Chapter 5 - Essay Example

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Name: Student Number: 1. Talk about the idea of a “traditional musician,” a term that is used fairly frequently in Western culture. Use the bio of Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka to illustrate your points. What does it mean to be a traditional musician? Why is this still important?…
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Chapter 5 Essay
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Chapter 5

Download file to see previous pages... This influence allows him to play violin or shepherd’s flute at present the way how his grandfather would have done it. This depicts the point that the case of Krzysztof shows us what it means to be a traditional musician. This idea presents us important information that being a traditional musician means bringing exactly the things from the past at present and initiate them how the ancestors would have done them. The case of Krzysztof is an example of how one might bring the old traditions effectively at play even at present and making them alive just as how the people exactly performed them from the past. This means that Krzysztof is the best example of what a traditional musician is. We can observe from his life how he wants the old tradition that he witnessed from his grandfather to stay at work at present as it was from the past. This probably will bring us another idea that Krzysztof has exactly a great affinity for traditional music that his grandfather introduced to him when he was younger. To become a traditional musician is therefore important because as already stated, it allows the traditions to stay alive at present. 2. Why is ganga singing important to Bosnia/Herzegovian? Why it is still practiced? (4 points) There is a strong socio-cultural implication linked to ganga singing among Bosnia/Herzegovian for it presents the status of friendship in the society and including the associated privilege given to men over women. For example, it is known that boys or men are free to sing ganga with different groups or singers from other villages, while girls or women will have it exclusive among themselves who have close friendship right from their childhood days and until they get married (Titon 174). In other words, ganga singing is a cultural heritage and a significant part of the Bosnian/Herzegovian socialization that eventually defines their actual culture, which is a clear reason why it is still practised at present. Ganga singing therefore depicts the status of men and women in the society and potentially illustrates the mark of friendship among individuals. This is another reason why it is still alive at present, as we all know that friendship is a fundamental component of one’s life story or journey from childhood and even at the individual’s coming to maturity of age. 3. Why do you suppose that the communist government banned jazz? What elements of jazz are similar to the music of the Turks and Romani? Why do you suppose the Balkanski Dzhaz was worth the risks that the musicians took to perform it? (8 points) Jazz combines complex and varied thoughts, which people recognize as significant components of technique as a way of forming music (Titon 117). For this reason, there are many reasons to use jazz simply as a way of conveying varied feelings and emotional appeal. Black Americans have formed jazz as a way of providing an outlet for various issues they are facing in the society. For this reason, it is easy for them to express themselves with this form of entertainment, which at the bottom line is not only to entertain but to present a remarkable message that could spark varied feelings and emotional appeal. In the US, jazz could be a form of music that has underlying message of rebellion, as especially common among young people who definitely have the underlying thoughts that most probably they could effectively express through this music style. For this reason, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Chapter 5 Reaction
I liked the contents and information presented in the chapter because of the relevance of the issues discussed and the applicability and importance of being aware of the theoretical framework to ensure better understanding in communication across borders.
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Chapter 5
This relationship develops as the leader confirms a high- or low-exchange relationship with each. Most leaders cultivate a high-exchange relationship with a small number of subordinates. This is due to the leader’s ability to control achievements of the subordinate in such a way as to maintain encouragement of the subordinate while the leader continues getting the desired results from the subordinate, as well as maintaining the subordinate’s opinion of the leader’s perception of him.
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Krzysztof Trebunia-Tutka from Podhala was considered to be one of Poland’s most famous and talented traditional musicians, along with the rest of his family (Cooley 247). He came from a long line of traditional musicians, and it was mentioned that the respected musical heritage began from his great-grandfather down to his father, Wladyslaw Trebunia-Tutka.
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Chapter 5
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