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Music Genre Fusion Western Music borrowing from Non-western and Nonwestern music borrowing from Western Music - Assignment Example

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This essay presents music which is often regarded as a universal language through which the musicians can communicate and interact with the people around the globe regardless of their different languages and cultural backgrounds…
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Music Genre Fusion Western Music borrowing from Non-western and Nonwestern music borrowing from Western Music
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Extract of sample "Music Genre Fusion Western Music borrowing from Non-western and Nonwestern music borrowing from Western Music"

Download file to see previous pages As the paper stresses despite this fact, music can’t be apprehended in cultural or societal boundaries and for several decades, musicians from western as well as nonwestern world have been experimenting to combine the western musical traditions with the nonwestern music style and these experiments have eventually produced several masterpieces that represent music fusion genre and gain popularity and appreciation from critics and people from all over the globe (Manuel 98). The term world music has also evolved as a result of these efforts that try to diminish the boundaries between western and nonwestern music through the presentation of well composed infused music pieces.
According to the research findings the trend of borrowing music styles from other cultures and societies is by and large regarded as act of open mindedness and empathic gesture of interest since it paves the way towards the creativity and evolution of new music genre that usually possess great appeal for the people of both the societies. From the early sixties to modern day, the western musicians have been attempting to infuse nonwestern musical traditions in their composition and this practice has been adopted by the nonwestern musicians as well who have composed nonconventional music through the bland of western and nonwestern music. The music of Asia and India has especially admired the western musician at large because it has attained its level of perfection and hence, the western musicians find it very fruitful to infuse with the Asian musical traditions. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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