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Effect of Music During Worship Service - Term Paper Example

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This paper talks that music has made a significant contribution to worship service; in fact, music is associated with church history. There is a form of elusion and experiential entity associated with music, thereby creating difficulties in putting words to express the possession of power by music over the effects on worship and people. …
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Effect of Music During Worship Service
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Download file to see previous pages Consequently, the congregation expresses their unity through singing together a repeated common story thus facilitating the formation of religious identity. Gospel music components such as the pitch, rhythm and lyrics are humanly organised thus they strongly affect the worshippers emotions through influencing the chemical processes of the brain thus leading to reflections, joy, sadness and physical expression of the gospel truth through body movements (Wren, 2000). In addition, emotions are reflected in the patterns of belief and actions like bodily movements unlike passive listening to professional choirs (Christian, 2003). The research paper will enable us understand the reasons behind the growth of use of music during worship especially in evangelical churches. The research will be instrumental in composition of worship music that strengthens the emotions of the worshippers and glorifies the gospel. Hypothesis statement Music executed properly will bring the glory of God that will cause every believer to participate in the worship service. Research questions In order to understand the effect of music during worship, the research paper will answer the following questions. I. How often is music used during worship? II. Does music during worship strengthen the emotions and minds of the worshippers? III. Does music during worship allow more freedom of expression through the lifting of hands and other body movements? IV. Can music during worship unify Christians and exalt God? Literature review In 1500, Roman Catholic Church worship was practically a formal affair with professional choirs leading the music. However, the prevailing attitude among the congregations was that God needed the best from every worshiper instead of worshippers listening attentively to...
This paper approves that music during worship will establish the mood thus enabling the congregation to value both faith and feelings towards the creator. Musical rhythms have deep personal associations for worshippers thus act as a reference point during worship. Music during worship facilitates revelation since Christians believe that revelation that is both natural through human experience and also supernatural through praise and worship. However, majority of the Catholic respondents see music as not essential during worship and they do not necessary express their freedom through bodily movements, but through prayer. The research findings point out that a majority of the Churches incorporate music during their worship regardless of whether in an urban or rural setting.
This report makes a conclusion that music is a powerful tool of worship since it influences the mental and spiritual aspects of the worshippers. The primary effect of music is to provides the worshippers an opportunity for participation thus improving their remembering and reinforcing the unity and gospel truth. Music during worship affects the worshippers’ emotions and feelings thus strengthening their spiritual and mental capacities. Nearly all Churches, regardless of the denomination have incorporated either Gospel or contemporary music in their services. Although traditional churches denominations like the Catholic have not appreciated the effect of music during worship, modern denominations like the Baptism appreciate music as essential in worship. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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