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Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India - Coursework Example

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The author of the "Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India" paper states that the case of Jat's ethnic group in India shows that “unreached” people need support from ministry in order to improve their lives and understand the divine power of God…
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Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India
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Extract of sample "Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India"

Download file to see previous pages The role and importance of missionary to reach people who know nothing about Christian teaching and help them to understand the principles and norms of religious teaching. With larger proportions of non-Christians in the population, this common element has constantly diminished. Since the government assumed and was given the major responsibility for educating children, and since sectarian emphases in public schools would lead only to trouble, religion was, for the most part, eliminated from the American school curricula, so that the average young person grows up with the idea that religion is definitely an extracurricular matter, something good for those who are inclined towards it, but not a serious consideration in a total educational program, and not necessarily worth profound thought.

The term “Unreached people” means the ethnic or cultural group of people who do not have a history of Christianity. The task and duty of the Christian missions are to familiarize these people with Christian teaching and its main religious doctrines. In considering the relation of churches to the Church, many would seek first to determine which of these views is the true one2. There are those who insist that the true Church is found only with them and that all others have no justifiable claim to the title. Thus the Roman Catholic Church designates all Protestant denominations as sects, not truly parts of the Church at all. Though it would be dishonest and foolish to say that all Christians basically agree on the concept of the Church and that the differences we have discussed are unimportant, we must ask if there is not something held in common here that would link Christians together regardless of their emphasis in their concept of the Church, in contrast to those who are nonChristian. This would need to be more than some highest common factor analytically determined, more than similarly high moral standards which may be held by those who have never heard of Christ. Today, researchers suppose that there are more than 200 “unreached” groups of people around the world. The majority of “unreached people” groups are located in Asia and Africa3. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India Coursework.
(Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India Coursework)
Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India Coursework.
“Unreached People Group Project: Jat, Hindu of India Coursework”.
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