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The effect of music on ones social life - Essay Example

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Music plays an immeasurable role in individuals’ lives. It is noteworthy that music can immensely have effect on one’s social life. Among the roles played by music in one’s life can be the indisputable influence it has on one’s character…
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The effect of music on ones social life
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"The effect of music on ones social life"

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A study is set on the different types of behaviors that the listener attaches each the genres of music studied. Of importance to look into is the scope with which the genre of music chosen has influence on the behavior change and influence of the listener of the music. There are a considerable number of music genres. Among the several genres are rock, and roll, Hip Hop, soul, and rhythm and blues. Each of the aforementioned genres has different origins. They evoke different and diverse influences on the listener’s behavior. Listeners of every kind of music mentioned attach different levels of enthusiasms towards listening to their genre of preference. In finding out the influence of the genres on their listeners’ behavior, one needs to embark on a study of personality traits of the listener. Every genre would influence every personality trait in a special and unique manner. Of importance in the study is to find out the importance that listeners of music attach to the genre of preference in question. Rock and Roll dates its origin to a long time back in history. This notably was in the 1940s and 1950s. The genre found its invention from African Americans. This genre of music most probably roots its foundation from the United States. The genre often attaches its caliber to the elites. It is more popular among the high-class individuals than to the lower class individuals. The elite class tends to listen to the genre more than the other classes of people. Many concerts and entertainment scenes featuring rock and roll music receive a high turnout of the elite class than others classes in lifestyle. The word “rock” that the founders of this genre used to refer to it was a disguised manner of quoting the word sex. Hip Hop is a major known genre of music among the youth. Its acknowledgement and spread is significant among the black Americans. The genre of music roots from the, black American, people. Its sole purpose was to address the plight of blacks in America. It is associated considerably with the low-income class and the poor. Its origin dates back to the period of history during the 1970s. Many of the artists of Hip Hop are characters who at one moment in time had experiences with the effects of black supremacy. They might as well be descendants of former victims of the historical atrocities the black underwent. Among the several themes, this genre of music that address mistreat experienced by the blacks. The victims underwent the inhumane experiences during the slavery period. This genre of music tends to inform the authorities of the various problems faced by the black Americans. Sharp criticism of betrayal and neglect by the power holders is among the diverse expressions of the message from this genre of music. Soul music dates back to deep early ages in history. This is notably the time between the 1950s and 1960s. The origin of this genre of music is from the U.S. This genre of music explores a more seductive way of presentation than rock and roll music. It is common among individuals who feel the touch of romance with the songs. It plays on a cool and sentimental tone. The overriding theme in a remarkable numbers of soul music is romance and feelings of love that the characters attach to each other. The main associates with this genre of music are the elite class. Soul music is mainly played in instances of paying and merrymaking. It helps show romance and togetherness of parties involved. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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