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The Effect Of Unethical Advertising On Society And The Environment - Essay Example

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The paper is titled the effect of unethical advertising on the society and the environment. On this paper I will focus on one topic regarding technology and its social effects. …
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The Effect Of Unethical Advertising On Society And The Environment
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Download file to see previous pages The hypothesis is that because society is becoming increasingly technologically innovative and people are consuming even more and more electronic goods. For example, computers are being updated more and more quicker than they used to be, in fact a certain laptop model will become obsolete in a mere six months after being bought however, because of this increased spending on electronic goods and quickly abandoning the old ones people are quickly filling up rubbish mines unnecessarily. People are also becoming greedy when it comes to consuming electronic products such as computers what they do not know is that by buying the newer products and throwing away the older products they are also polluting the environment. People also do not know that computers and electronic goods contain a lot of lead which could cause lead poisoning in some people and electronic products also use a lot of plastic. Plastic as everyone knows are not easy to biodegrade which means that the only way to get rid of them is to incinerate or burn them. The act of burning plastic also causes the ozone layer to become thinner which in turn will cause a climate change and easier sun radiation through the earth’s atmosphere. Many people are already getting skin cancer because of the radiation of the sun and the thinning of the atmosphere. The most important factor is that the electronics industry is being unethical because they are pushing people through advertising to buy more and more newer products. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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