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Art Media - Essay Example

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It is a kind of digital interact art. Back in 2003, Bonillas was able to introduced the vast of photo archive of which he inherited from his grandfather by the name of J.R. Plaza,…
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Art Media
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"Art Media"

Download file to see previous pages Mexican born in 1981, is digitizing archive images while at the same time creating a form of the extensive index of the associated words that eventually “mirrors” the image into the database (Inaki, 2003).
The experience of interacting with this form of artwork is marvelous and very interesting. It is very interesting and enticing to learn that archive images can be subject to integrate with some words that mirror this archive images into the database. In my opinion, the purpose of this piece of art of work is to convert the past or traditional art into modern forms that would be able to attract the attention of the modern generations while at the same time be able to preserve the same archives in digital forms that would last for many years to come. Additionally, this form of digital interactive art purposes at accommodating numerous images in small space those viewers will be able to view conveniently without necessarily moving from one viewing room to the next viewing room.
There is a lot that connects this form of digital artwork to the contemporary life. At first, the aspect of which archive images that could be viewed in the form of the traditional display were subject to integrate into the modern forms of digital storage connects to the contemporary life. It makes the entire process of viewing much simpler and easier through the aid of graphic designs and programming. An example of which this digital artwork compares directly to other activities one might perform on the internet in that there is a possibility of matching text and images. Additionally, it is possible to locate many images through the internet source, which compares similarly to this form of digital art whereby a set of core images are subject to locate existing in a single source of database.
One thing that differentiates this site from other sources of the internet is that the images and wording contained in such databases tell of the historic activities or historic archives. Other ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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