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Of those who have heart disease what % eat a healthy diet - Research Paper Example

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Much has been written about the probability of eating a healthy diet in context of heart disease patients. For example in a 2014 research study based on 198 patients…
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Of those who have heart disease what % eat a healthy diet
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Download file to see previous pages rienced significant despair when 5 out of 22 participants of his study dropped out of the program immediately which obligated them to conform to dietary reforms. The program was about putting patients with high cholesterol levels on a vegetarian diet for at least five years. Five patients gave up immediately, the rest complied with the diet prescribed by Dr. Esselstyn for some time, and only six patients completed the entire diet program (Apgar 18). Another research report implies that a whopping 89.7% Americans think that they eat a healthy diet (Berger). But, it should be remembered that there is a giant gap between an actual healthy diet and people’s perception of a healthy diet. According to a 2012 consumer survey report, the top control strategies for the 33% of Americans with high blood pressure are not based on a healthy diet, but on medication (Food Insight). This suggests that consuming a healthy diet does not form the number one priority of those who have heart-related ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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