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In today's hustle and bustle of the society, when everyone's life is running on the fast track, most people opt for the cheapest (well in most cases) and the quickest foods to satisfy those hunger cramps. But when question regarding the nutritional concerns of these fatty or junk food arises most people don't seem to care, until they discover heart diseases, diabetes or other nutrition related diseases as a result of this lifestyle.
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Rethinking Diets, Weight Loss and Health T. Parker Published July 2008 THE IMPORTANCE OF NUTRITION FOR A HEALTHY LIFE STYLE In today's hustle and bustle of the society, when everyone's life is running on the fast track, most people opt for the cheapest (well in most cases) and the quickest foods to satisfy those hunger cramps. But when question regarding the nutritional concerns of these fatty or junk food arises most people don't seem to care, until they discover heart diseases, diabetes or other nutrition related diseases as a result of this lifestyle.
In this paper we will focus on one of the main issues that arise from improper nutrition that is issues related to obesity and weight loss and its effect on human lifestyle and their self esteem.
A topic closely related to having a nutritional diet is the debate on weight loss, people struggling with their weight often opt for diet programs, thinking of them as nutritional, in order to cut back on those extra fats they have been consuming.
Various diet plans have various definitions of a nutritional diet. Some cut back on the proteins, while others reduce the intake of carbohydrates in certain proportions. But according to the latest study published in The New England Journal of Medicine, the comparison of different diets shows that they are not only very difficult, their tastes buds are already immune to a pattern in which they cannot stay away from cheese burger, additives, pizza, candy or soda for very long, but also not successful in most cases (Parker, 2008). Thus failure of weight loss due to such diets leads people to believe that its it their fault they are overweight and hence has further negative effects on their lifestyle, for example loss of self confidence. The answer to such negative effects is not diets but instead a healthy lifestyle which may not make one very skinny but a person can enjoy a good healthy life.
In opinion an additional advantage of having nutritional food over unhealthy food is that not only the consumption becomes less (since we won't eat packets and packets of Doritos), but also less expensive (organic food) and makes our lifestyle fit, our bodies stronger and lowers our health cost since we would be required to spend much time in the doctor's office or the hospital. All of this said, it should also be pointed out that one should not try to completely ignore certain essential fatty acids EFA's and cholesterol from our diet as they serve as a good source of energy and since our body is unable to make them on its own , they should remain a part of or diet.
It is high time to realize the important role of proper nutrition and health and steps should be starting from an individual level , diet is not an answer to a healthy lifestyle, and it s definitely not the criteria for higher self esteem.
Obesity Is On The Rise. (2008, May). Retrieved September 24, 2008, from
Parker, T. (2008, July 95). Rethinking Diets, Weight Loss and Health. Retrieved September 24, 2008, from New York Times: Read More
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