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Hospitality industry - Essay Example

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Tourists visit places for sightseeing, relax on the beaches, mountain climbing, experiencing other people’s cultures, etc.
Tourism is the commercial organization and operations of holidays,…
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Hospitality industry
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Download file to see previous pages The activities include business, leisure and for other purposes.
A tour operator is a person or a company that creates and markets inclusive tours with the sub-contractors to make a package. Most of the tour operators sell through travel agencies and directly to the clients. The player gathers and distributes marketing research and helpful information about the marketing information. They find the customers and use persuasive language to convince the tourist to take the offers made by the tour site owners and operators. The people shape and match the offers with the tourist’s needs and budget for the best offer (Page 2011). They agree to the terms of payment between the customer and owner and assume financial risks.
Aer Lingus are tour operators who take their visitors right from Bournemouth Airport. The operators book their clients in sea-view beach resorts. It is a convenient place for their customers as it is easy for the players to take them for boat rides and snorkelling.
The heritage site is also a nice place to take the tourists as it shows the culture of the Bournemouth people. Old people in Bournemouth are caring and welcoming to foreigners. Most of the tourists that visit Bournemouth are older couples who look forward to a relaxing vacation.
Travel agents purpose is to Plan and sells transportation and accommodations for the tour operators and travel agency clients. The companies determine the destinations for the tourists, means of transport, cost, travel dates and the housing required. Some travel agents also sell tour packages to the tourists.
Hays Travel is the largest travel agency in the United Kingdom that transports tourist to and from the UK. The travel agency advises clients on the particular type of hotel they need to stay while on tour. The cottages are also an option if one does not like hotels. The travel agency can fly one from Bournemouth to Antalya, Turkey. It is a coastal town ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Hospitality Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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