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Professional Sports Leagues - Coursework Example

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The National Football League (NLF) is so far doing the best job of exposing diverse populations to playing its sport, while the National Rugby League (NRL) does the worst job. The NLF has grown explosively over the past 25 years as TV revenue jumped 700% (Burke, 2013), whereas…
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Professional Sports Leagues
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"Professional Sports Leagues"

Download file to see previous pages Where the NRL’s teams are losing their value as the number of attendances went down by 3% and NRL also lost $1.8m on the finals series.
Youth Football Fund Grassroots has been initiated by NLF along with Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) to provide financial and technical assistance in order to improve the quality, safety and accessibility of local football fields to middle schools and high schools. It is a non-profit program that offers opportunities for recreation, education, and relaxation that contribute to the local quality of life, especially for the youth (Titans, 2015). This initiative would be highly helpful in creating exposure to young athletes towards football.
In my opinion NRL should invest more in advertising and sponsorship as decided by the company. It should also take initiatives like NFL to increase exposure and awareness amongst young athletes. This would also help in attracting youngsters towards the sport. It can also build up a nonprofit club in the center of the city with the sole aim of promoting the sport and developing the skills of the young ones for rugby. These programs would definitely contribute in increasing diversity exposure for the professional league.
Australian Association Press. (2014). Rugby league will be biggest sport in Australia, says NRL chief. the Guardian. Retrieved 24 January 2015, from
Burke, M. (2013). How The National Football League Can Reach $25 Billion In Annual Revenues.Forbes. Retrieved 24 January 2015, from ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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