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Portfolio of Festivals and Events - Essay Example

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Event organizers' financial requirements are often funded by organizations which hopes to be benefit from the added marketing benefits such as an enhanced image and higher publicity which, in turn, is provided by the activity. This report looks at three different events: OSGi Alliance Community Event aimed at the business community; NBA All Star Game which reaches a diverse audience; and ARTSingapore geared at attracting art lovers who are at the same time high net worth individuals…
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Portfolio of Festivals and Events
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Extract of sample "Portfolio of Festivals and Events"

Download file to see previous pages Among the members of its member are renowned business organizations like Nokia, Sprint, IBM, and Makewave and ProSyst.
With its quest in providing specification, reference implementations, test suites, and certification to foster a valuable cross-industry ecosystem, it conducts a four day community event which it refers to as OSGi Alliance Community Event. This four day event highlights the technology of the organization and the services that it offers. It is especially targeted to developers and business decision makers who will "gain valuable and actionable information and instruction" (OSGi Alliance Community Event 2007). OSGi prepares the event for the benefit of a company which also capitalizes on technology for survival and success. Members and non-members alike are invited to join this
In the current year, this community event is hosted by Siemens and is conducted from June 26-28. The event is described as "value-packed" because it features lightning talks, business practices, and business patterns. Having members which are in the forefront of technological advancements it also provides keynotes from thought and industry leaders. Enhancing this event are the presentations by OSGi Alliance CTO BJ Hargrave and Evangelist Peter Kriens (OSGi Alliance Community Event 2007).
In order to include all the essential functional departments in a business organization, the community event requires three participants from member companies. The first day which is June 26 becomes a Marketing Committee Meeting while June 27 and 28 are Members Only and Expert Group Meetings, respectively (OSGi Alliance Community Event 2007).
In order to join the event, participants are required to fee registration fees according to their status in relation to OGSi: non-members pay 500; associate members pay 450; while full members pay 400. It should be noted that the aforementioned fees will cover only the materials and activities and are exclusive of accommodation fees. This year's event is conducted in Munich (OSGi Alliance Community Event 2007).
2. Sporting Event: All Star NBA Game
Widely regarded one of the greatest gathering of basketball stars that are playing the current game, the players selected to represent the Eastern and Western conferences via votes of the public and the NBA coaches have to prove themselves worthy of their selection in this game. As the highlight of the NBA All-Star Week, basketball points scored in this game are normally fast and furious, with lots of slam dunks and creative plays for the excitement of the fans being made by the players. In this game, the players ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Portfolio of Festivals and Events Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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