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Events Management Law - Essay Example

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Events Management Law
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Download file to see previous pages ........................10 Reference.............................................,11 Executive Summary The Cliffhanger Festival is an annual event that includes games and other outdoor events. The primary organiser of the event, Heason Events has some legal obligations that must be attained for a successful event to be organised. The main legal requirements are health and safety matters and licensing. The legal requirement for health and safety is rooted in the concept of negligence and the duty of care for the organisation of public events like this festival. This duty of care is supported by common law and civil law in the UK as well as European Union Laws. It puts the organisers in a position where they need to identify their duty to the participants in terms of health and safety and also put in place measures to ensure that this is honoured. The licenses required are spelt out in the Licensing Act of 2003. The necessary licenses required by Heason Events include licences to use premises, to sell alcohol, copyright permissions for music as well as trademark permission. It is recommended that Heason Events puts in place a good risk management team that will analyse the health and safety risks involved at each stage of the event. They should set up a first aid centre and insure those that cannot be handled. Participants should be given conspicuous notices on health and safety tips. The team should monitor risks regularly. Also, Heason must put in place practical steps to ensure that all partners and exhibitors have complied with all necessary licensing requirements. This should be monitored before and during the event to prevent abuses. Introduction This paper examines the legal matters relevant to the organisation of Cliffhanger 2011, the UK’s largest outdoor event that is expected to draw about 20,000 visitors to Sheffield this year (Cliffhanger Official Website). It is aimed at inspiring and encouraging people to exercise and indulge in outdoor events that will promote socialisation and entertainment. There are several legal issues that the organisers of the event need to be aware of and make necessary action to ensure that they are controlled to ensure that the event goes on and ends without issues and problems to the organisers. Key amongst these issues is the issue of health and safety as well as licensing. This paper critically examines the legal basis of these two main issues. This is followed by an evaluation of how these issues affect the organisation of Cliffhanger 2011. The paper concludes with recommendations on how the organisers of Cliffhanger 2011 can control these issues and ensure that they do not mar the event. Event Context The Cliffhanger festival is a major outdoor event that aims at attracting people from all over the world to come and join in the fun of its outdoor games and exhibitions. Cliffhanger is an annual event that is rotated across the UK and this year, it is being held in Sheffield between July 2nd and 4th. The festival is organised by Heason Events, Sheffield City Council and Events Sheffield. Heason events is the primary event organiser. The partners include BKSA, British Military, International Federation of Sporting Councils (IFSC), Jury’s Inn, Millhouse Works, Real Radio and SYO. Sponsors include Decathlon, Climbin Works, Yorkshire Hotels and Hammer design. Music and camping services are rendered in partnership with Alpkit UK. The festival will be opened to members of the public and it primarily targets families. It will involve a series of outdoor events ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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