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From the paper "The Washington Redskins NFL Team" it is clear that the Washington Redskins use specific strategies that have led them to the apogee of success that they enjoy today. “Some teams in the National Football League (NFL) constantly try new ideas in the hope of winning. …
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The Washington Redskins NFL Team
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"The Washington Redskins NFL Team"

Washington Redskins was founded as a team in the year 1932 (Washington Redskins”). It was in the year 1937 when George Preston Marshall, the owner of the team resolved to give a fresh beginning to the team by switching it over to the capital of the nation. “The Redskins began the season by beating host Philadelphia 7-0; a 26-yard Filchock punt return preceded a 30-year Baugh to Malone touchdown pass early in the fourth quarter” (Elfin 25).
The Redskins did not win a Super Bowl since January 1983. Taking it further, Washington did not win the championship of the National Football League (NFL) since the year 1942. Millions of fans of the team all over the world were waiting for a victory for long. The best season that Washington saw in a decade was the 1982 season. “The Redskins went 8-1 in a strike-shortened year. They then won three straight National Football Conference (NFC) playoff games to get to Super Bowl XVII” (Basen 6). George Preston Marshall kept the Redskins in Boston rather than moving them to Washington in the year 1937 so as to make sure that the team is not made underachieving as a result of the switch. Boston seemed the most suitable place to keep the team in for a variety of reasons. Two major league baseball clubs were supported by the hopping sports town; the Braves in the National League and the Red Sox in the American League (Richman 1). In addition to that, football was also popular sports in local schools and colleges in Boston. The NFL Championship Game did not reach the Redskins before 1936. Marshall was in search of a market that would encourage the team he had. Read More
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