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Media planning for advertising - Essay Example

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In the modern society, where the abundance of services and goods is simply astonishing, with new companies and manufacturers emerging literally every day and competition growing at an enormous pace, it is totally impossible to succeed in selling the product or service without…
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Media planning for advertising
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Download file to see previous pages Taking this into account, it is logical to think that the huge emphasis is laid nowadays on the quality of the advertising message transmitted to the potential buyers via various types of existing media, because the impact produced by this message determines the success of the campaign and – eventually – sales level. As the result, enormous amounts of efforts and financial expenses are involved in advertising industry, because creating a persuasive advertising message is considered to be crucial for consumers to make decisions in favor of this or that company. However, a bare advertising message is unlikely to guarantee success for a brand: “a great advertising message in front of the wrong audience is a total waste of time and effort” (Kelley and Jugenheimer, 2008, p. 5). For a successful promotion campaign, message strategies must be combined with wise media strategies for a message to reach the audience in the most effective way. Media strategies should be always highly flexible and capable of complying with the changes in preferences and behavior of consumers. “When consumers change their consumption patterns, the marketing communications strategy to reach these consumers must change as well” (Víglundsson and Halldórsson, 2012, p.1). It is also important to adjust media communication strategies to the patterns of media consumption and change (or enhance) them, if new media emerge or gain popularity among consumers. In the recent decades, rapid technological progress has shown dependence of marketing on the innovations in communication technologies. “For the advertiser and agency, this technological revolution has meant radical re-thinking and redeployment of how messages and incentives are distributed to relevant marketplace customers and prospects” (American Academy Of Advertising Conference Proceedings, 2013, p. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Media Planning for Advertising Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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